ZCoin (XZC)
0.0014285057 BTC
Market cap: $51,416,624 #98
The first cryptocurrency to implement the Zerocoin protocol to ensure private transactions.
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ZCoin News:
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    FOMO Moments Markets are sleepy this Sunday, Ethereum is holding steady, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Monero dropping back. There has been a very minor pullback in crypto markets today. In general though things have been pretty static over the weekend and total capitalization has remained over $200 billion for another ... read more
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    The road to mainstream cryptocurrency adoption is progressing at a steady speed with some even projecting that crypto will replace fiat in the near future. Once such individual is Tim Draper who in a recent interview to Forbes magazine stated the following with respect to crypto adoption: I think that in ... read more
    Ethereum World News09-03-2020
  • Litecoin [LTC] creator puts forth a privacy vote, possibility of a new feature integration ahead?
    On 29th August, Charlie Lee, the Founder and creator of the 7th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, Litecoin, posted a poll for his followers on Twitter. The poll sought to fetch a popular opinion on what privacy feature should be added to Litecoin. Charlie Lee conducts a Litecoin Twitter poll ... read more
  • Blockstream Executive: Diversification May Have “Thoroughly REKT” Your Crypto Portfolio
    “Never keep your eggs in one basket” might be the statement you hear time and time again from capital market traders, analysts, and advisors alike. While this investment thesis may be applicable in traditional markets, some believe that this diversification tactic is not applicable to crypto markets. Don’t Put Your Crypto ... read more
  • Roger Ver: Bitcoin Cash is a Better Investment Than Bitcoin
    In a Monday phone interview with CNBC Fast Money, Roger Ver explained why he believes Bitcoin Cash is a better investment than Bitcoin, also expressing that Bitcoin isn’t efficient for commerce due to high fees and low transaction speeds. Bitcoin Cash Rules In the interview, Ver, who owns and operates ... read more
  • Roger Ver: Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Is “The Best From An Investment Standpoint”
    For the better part of a decade, Bitcoin (BTC) has sat at the forefront of the cryptocurrency industry, continually proving itself that it is a reliable project to invest your time and money in. But for proponents of Bitcoin Cash, the crypto that spawned out of August 2017’s hard fork ... read more
    Ethereum World News08-27-2018
  • question to further in-depth study on cryptotech
    Hi. Im quite new with cryptocurrency. I'm planning to study more on crypto (in terms of the technology). From what I know most of coins are made open source. If I were to self study on coins like cardano or wanchain or zcoin. How can I fork, create new coins ... read more