Pillar (PLR)
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A platform powered by its own native token that will finally fulfill the promise of the personal data locker.
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Pillar News:
  • Who are the ones who always trade ICO tokens on exchanges after listing? 📷
    Example, during the time of this writing, only $7,000++ was traded for the past 24 hours for PLR token. Compared to say CVC token which has more than $1mil submitted by /u/tjthomas101 [link] [comments] ... read more
  • Spotify Stock Is Sitting in a Very Precarious Position
    SPOT Stock: Looking Down into an Abyss The current stock market environment is atrocious. The selling pressure that hit the major market indices in October has done its share of technical damage. The stocks that had been the pillars of support sustaining this bull market have begun to crumble. That ... read more
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  • Bitcoin Miners should send ALL spare hash to join SV Pool on November 15th. Here is why.
    One and a half years ago BCH was splitting from Bitcoin in a sea of propaganda and marketing campaigns being run by Roger Ver and Jihan Wu. One after the other propagating from r/btc:-   -"Bitcoin will go into a death spiral."   -"BCh's new ADA ... read more
  • Bitcoin Miners should join SV Pool on November 15th.
    One and a half years ago Bcash was splitting from Bitcoin in a sea of propaganda and marketing campaigns being run by Roger Ver and Jihan Wu. One after the other propagating from r/btc:-   -"Bitcoin will go into a death spiral."   -"Bcash's new ADA ... read more
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Giant Binance Launches Research Division
    Binance announced around midnight Chinese time yesterday that it is branching beyond being an enterprise-quality consumer token exchange with the launch of Binance Research, an investigative subproject which relays in-depth, objective information on upcoming tokens – presumably, tokens listed on the exchange. Binance Research is a new pillar of the ... read more
  • Dogecoin Creator: Bakkt, Fidelity, and Bitcoin ETF Are Bad for Cryptocurrency
    Jackson Palmer, the founder of the cryptocurrency Dogecoin, has discussed what he calls the “re-centralization” of the cryptocurrency markets, and notably criticized the direction the industry is heading. Growing Shift Away from Decentralization in Cryptocurrency Industry In a recent opinion piece published in Diar, Palmer begins his Op-Ed, titled “The ... read more
  • The Daily: Binance Launches Analysis Division, Cobinhood Adds 4 Stablecoins
    In this edition of The Daily, we cover the launch of Binance Research, a new analysis division that will produce in-depth reports for customers of the leading cryptocurrency trading platform. We also look at Cobinhood’s decision to add several stablecoins to its platform and the reasoning behind the move. In ... read more
    Bitcoin News11-09-2020
  • Blockchain Nodes for Vehicle Microcontrollers: Infineon and XAIN Announce a Joint Research & Development Initiative
    Infineon Technologies and XAIN will work together on the implementation of blockchain technology for the automotive sector. The Munich-based semiconductor manufacturer and the Berlin start-up signed a Memorandum of Understanding at the first Infineon Automotive Cybersecurity Forum in Munich, thus moving closer to integrate XAIN technology directly into Infineon microcontrollers. ... read more
  • Fidelity Digital Assets Lead: Crypto And Blockchain Will Surge in 2019
    Fidelity Digital Assets — A Game-Changer For Crypto Just two weeks ago, as reported by Ethereum World News, the crypto industry at large was shaken to its core, as Boston-based Fidelity Investments, a multinational investment services corporation, revealed plans to launch a digital asset-centric subsidiary for the firm’s 13,000+ institutional clients. ... read more
    Ethereum World News10-28-2018
  • ADA/USD Price Analysis: Cardano Neutral to Bullish above 7 Cents
    For now, the differences between IOHK and Cardano Foundation isn’t affecting price. But should it escalate and the other side of the story leaks from CF, then we might have a glance of what the team thinks of Charles Hoskinson, the Founder. As it is, ADA/USD is level and above ... read more