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An open source, decentralized privacy platform. Built for global person to person and business to person eCommerce.
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Particl News:
  • Bchd Developers Announce Neutrino Wallet for Bitcoin Cash in Beta
    Named after the subatomic particle that can pass right through the entire planet without being detected, neutrino is meant to be a lightweight wallet with enhanced privacy features. And Bchd developers are now bringing it over to the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ecosystem in beta mode. Also Read: Thai Central Banker: ... read more
    Bitcoin News11-20-2018
  • The After-Wraith | A look back on a premium shhhcoin | Verge
    I already made some posts about Verge and tons of comments about it, but I think a summarized post again pointing out why you should stay far away from this coin out of a users point of view seems like a good idea before years end. Let me say before: ... read more