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Hydro News:
  • BitMart “Vote for Your Coin – Round 5” Vote on the Blockchain with Your First Vote Free!
    BitMart Exchange, a premier global digital asset trading platform, recently announced their “Vote for Your Coin – Round 5” campaign. As before, BitMart is cooperating with Atlas Protocol [ATP] to provide a voting campaign utilizing blockchain interaction. 10 projects have been selected among hundreds of projects to participate in this ... read more
  • Chinese Bitcoin Mining Centers Fear Electricity Cuts as Compliance Issues Loom
    Having banned the exchanges where cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are traded, the Chinese government is now cracking down on the plants where such currencies are mined. The Yingjiang Administration Bureau for Industry and Commerce, which enforces enterprises and consumer protection laws, issued a notification to the Bitcoin mining facilities operating in ... read more
  • DMG’s Crypto Mining Facility in Canada is Now Operational
    Some miners are relocating to places where the availability of hydroelectric power and cooler climates offer rock-bottom electricity prices. Others are exploring green options like solar panels and turbines to power their mining machines. And here the DMG blockchain has created their own electricity infrastructure to power their crypto mining ... read more
  • DMG Starts Operating 60MW Bitcoin Mine in British Columbia
    DMG Blockchain Solutions has announced that it has started generating up to 60 megawatts (MW) of electricity at an 85MW substation it owns in western Canada. It will use the substation to power its flagship cryptocurrency mining facility, which is one of the largest such sites in the country by power output.  ... read more
    Bitcoin News11-12-2020
  • Bitcademy partners with Hydrogen for faster platform release
    submitted by /u/bitcademyfb [link] [comments] ... read more
  • Bitcoin Miners Flock to Paraguay as Country Weighs Its Social Development Options
    Paraguay’s Itaipú Dam, one of the largest hydroelectric facilities in the world, is supporting bitcoin and ethereum mining in a city on the country’s border with Brazil and Argentina. These efforts have already spawned a number of new cryptocurrency businesses, creating multiple millionaires, but an ongoing reassessment of the dam’s developmental ... read more
    Bitcoin News11-06-2020
  • Another Report Says Crypto Mining Uses More Power than Traditional Mining
    A report published today has stated that mining $1 worth of Bitcoin requires more electricity than mining almost any material traditionally dug from the earth. The authors state that between three million and 15 million tons of carbon emissions have been caused by the sector over the last two years. ... read more
  • Wrapped Bitcoin Is Coming to Ethereum
    BTC is poised to make its Ethereum debut. An initiative involving several decentralized exchanges (DEXs) as well as crypto-custodians Bitgo will introduce ”BTC-backed” WBTC, with the W standing for “wrapped.” When WBTC launches in January 2019, it will enable ethereum-based ”bitcoin” to be traded on DEXs, boosting liquidity and opening ... read more
    Bitcoin News10-27-2018