FunFair (FUN)
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A decentralized gaming platform powered by Ethereum smart contracts.
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FunFair News:
  • Orchestrated FUD about Funfair
    The top post in this post right now is "FunFair has a vulnerability which is even worse than Oyster!" But there is something strange with this post. First of all, it's extremely alarmistic and the language is hyperbolic. The alleged vulnerability that the OP claims to have found by carefully ... read more
  • FunFair has a vulnerability which is even worse than Oyster!
    Few days back the Oyster exit scam happened because the developers had failed to close the possibility to re-open minting of Oyster tokens for a certain price. An anonymous developer took advantage of this and re-opened the Oyster ICO, bought a lot of Oyster for the ICO price and then ... read more
  • FunFair @ Devcon4 - what we learned from our trip to Prague
    submitted by /u/twigwam [link] [comments] ... read more
  • Crypto Bulls Exchange…
    By 1.05% increase the #trading #cost for #QASH stands on 0.00003450 #BTC. Cost of #FUN remains same 0.00000212 BTC. #THETA increments by 1.77% leading to price of 0.00001378 BTC. Trading cost of #ENG remains same 0.00009865 BTC. Trading Now:- r/ #engcoin #qashcoin #funfaircoin #thetacoin #cryptobullsexchange submitted by ... read more