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ETHOS is an access token that enables anybody to securely manage their cryptocurrency wallets, keys and coins.
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Ethos News:
  • Switzerland Crypto Startup To Launch Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum ETP
    The Amun Crypto ETP — Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin Included The so-called “SIX Swiss Exchange,” Switzerland’s foremost equity market, has just revealed that it will be giving a green light to the crypto industry’s first exchange-traded product (ETP) that tracks multiple cryptocurrencies (XRP included), Financial Times reports on ... read more
    Ethereum World News11-17-2018
  • Crypto Savant: Bitcoin (BTC) Is The “Medicine You Need”
    Saifedean Ammous: Bitcoin Is “The Hardest Money Ever Created” Although the crypto market has recently undergone a downturn, with the aggregate value of all digital assets falling by upwards of 12% and XRP temporarily ousting Ether, analysts have maintained their long-term belief in the Bitcoin Network. Image Courtesy of CMCSpeaking ... read more
    Ethereum World News11-14-2018
  • IMF: Governments and Banks Should Setup and Control Their Own Cryptocurrencies
    Speaking at the Singapore Fintech Festival this week International Monetary Fund head, Christine Lagarde, said that governments and central banks should work towards setting up their own digital currencies. Centralization, Control and Regulation Recommended She added that a central bank regulated system could become the starting point for rapid expansion ... read more
  • A Guide To The BCH Fork on November 15th - Be Informed! (x-post from /r/btc)
    original thread: Let me start off by introducing myself and getting my bias out of the way up front. I'm a moderator of /r/ainbow, a community which frequently gets linked to /r/SubredditDrama. As a result, most of my examples will be drawn from that. Secondly, I apologize for the ... read more
  • Why Are Novogratz, Fidelity, And Bakkt Banking On Institutional Crypto Investors?
    It goes without saying that Galaxy Digital, a digital asset-centric merchant bank, has been beaten and bruised in recent months. Months ago, to remain coherent with its appearance on the Toronto Stock Exchange, the startup was required to divulge its Q1 balance sheet, which wasn’t pretty, to put it lightly. However, ... read more
  • Tim Draper Stays Bullish on Bitcoin, Markets See Green
    Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC)–Cryptocurrency advocate and Bitcoin bull Tim Draper has remained true to his nature by sticking with his prediction that BTC will reach $250,000 by the year 2022. Speaking during a panel discussion at the Web Summit conference on November 6, Draper reiterated his stance that BTC, despite 2018 ... read more
    Ethereum World News11-10-2020
  • Why the Energy Sector Meets the Conditions for Decentralization
    The following piece on decentralizing the energy sector was written by Richard Lohwasser, who holds a PhD in energy economics and is the CEO of Lition. He was previously a strategy consultant for McKinsey and director of Vattenfall. Lohwasser was also Managing Director of German Operations at ExtraEnergie. Decentralization. Digital ... read more
    Bitcoin News11-07-2020
  • Ethereum Researchers Unveil Casper Draft Whitepaper, Crucial For Scalability
    Just days after Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of the Ethereum Foundation, discussed the “Serenity Protocol” in front of Devcon4’s crowd of thousands, a consortium of four crypto researchers unveiled a draft whitepaper pertaining to CBC (Correct-By-Construction) Casper, which aims to solve Ethereum’s scalability concerns through Proof of Stake (PoS). While the ... read more
  • Bitly Blocks Certain Crypto Links: “Mastering Ethereum” Book Affected Attacks “Mastering Ethereum” Book: Doesn’t Allow 200 Links When it comes to Bitcoin proponents, there isn’t anyone as prominent, knowledgeable, and likable as Andreas M. Antonopoulos, a former Greek cybersecurity expert turned cryptocurrency fanatic. Antonopoulos, who has become the de-facto face (and hair) of this budding industry, has become ... read more
    Ethereum World News11-04-2020
  • XAPO CEO Wences Casares Continues to Champion Bitcoin For the Right Reasons
    Bitcoin (BTC), Cryptocurrency–It’s not often that discussions of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency occur without the overarching shadow of price, volatility and the wealth to made in a budding industry. However, Xapo’s CEO Wences Casares continues to be one of the strongest supporters for the industry–and for all of the right reasons. ... read more
    Ethereum World News10-30-2018