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Zen Protocol News:

  • Pitchforks are for hay not hate: maintaining positive non-violent debate for the Ethereum community
    This statement is a collaborative effort for people working in the space to voice their concerns on integrity. Both contributors and community need to work towards healthier discussion practices and protect each other from threats and violence. ​ Entities around open source decentralized projects, hackerspaces, and associations ... read more
  • No Internet, No Problem: How to Send Bitcoin by Amateur Radio
    In an age where governments are trigger happy at censoring or shutting down networks, it is reassuring to know that Bitcoin can operate sans internet. Network censorship, after all, is not some dystopian storyline but a power exercised by many democratic governments across the world. Thankfully, there are solutions that enable ... read more
    Bitcoin News02-19-2019
  • BCH Devs Lock in Code for the Chain’s Next Upgrade: Schnorr and Segwit Recovery
    On Feb. 14, a group of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) developers sat down and discussed the featured items for the scheduled upgrade this coming May. According to the programmers, two specific features will be ready for the upgrade: Schnorr signatures and Segwit recovery. The developers also detailed that certain features like ... read more
    Bitcoin News02-19-2019
  • Bitcoin’s Social Contract Must Be Resilient to the Whims of Future Generations
    Over the last few years, infighting and different visions has led to significant divides within the Bitcoin community, weakening the network effects no matter which chain you support. With all the arguments about scaling, privacy, consensus changes and the various forks, it is amazing that these public networks are still ... read more
    Bitcoin News02-14-2019
  • Zcash [ZEC] Price 4.5% Gain: Latest news to Stay Updated
    Per time of writing the 20th largest coin by market capitalization Zcash is counting 4.45% gain for the last 24-hours against the US Dollar. Source: coinmarketcap Breaking above the weekly declining trend acted as a catalyst for traders to step in and take the most out of the opportunity ... read more
    Ethereum World News02-13-2019
  • Bitcoin Friendly Micronation Acknowledged by European Commission President
    In 2019 the sovereign state of Liberland continues to gather headway by getting recognized by key leaders in the European Union and members of parliament. On Jan. 31, the micronation claiming the parcel of land between Croatia and Serbia was validated by Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission. Also ... read more
    Bitcoin News02-11-2019
  • Zcash vulnerability could have resulted in the loss of millions of dollars
    Zcash, a leading privacy cryptocurrency in the market, recently announced that they had found counterfeiting vulnerability in the “cryptography underlying some kinds of zero-knowledge proofs”. Interestingly, this vulnerability was detected by the Zcash company in March 2018, around eleven months back. This was later fixed in October 2018 during the ... read more
  • Twitter CEO Loves Lightning on Bitcoin: is it the Future of Fast, Instant Payments?
    On Tuesday, Jack Dorsey, one of the most well-known characters in Silicon Valley, just exposed his four million followers to Bitcoin (BTC) in a surprising turn of events. To the surprise of many, Dorsey, the incumbent chief executive of both Twitter and crypto-friendly Square, two technology upstarts valued at $54 ... read more
  • Decentralized Protocols Are Making It Easier Than Ever to Gamble With Cryptocurrency
    Americans wagered $140 million on the 2017 Super Bowl, but if sports betting was legal nationwide, that figure would have been closer to $5 billion, it’s believed. Save for a handful of states such as Nevada, sports betting is outlawed in the U.S., though a Supreme Court ruling last year ... read more
    Bitcoin News02-03-2019
  • Bitcoin Had a Fairer Launch Than Any Altcoin
    What constitutes a fair coin launch? It’s a question that has had some of the brightest minds and brashest projects in the space debating the best way to kickstart a cryptocurrency. Every crypto, Bitcoin included, has attracted criticism over a distribution schedule that favored early adopters. To date, no other ... read more
    Bitcoin News02-03-2019