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Wirex News:

  • Here’s How Europeans Can Deal With Negative Interest Rates
    Low and negative interest rates have been a burden for account holders across Europe for some time. And it’s only getting worse, as the European Central Bank just announced a new rate cut to a record low of -0.5%. Private and corporate customers in many countries on the continent don’t ... read more
    Bitcoin News09-16-2019
  • Big Banks Won’t Touch Crypto Clients – But These Smaller Banks Will
    Cryptocurrencies undoubtedly bring new business opportunities. The expanding industry around digital assets and its customers need more and more services that traditional sectors can provide. Banking is often a bottleneck in the crypto space as most traditional institutions are still reluctant to get their feet wet. Smaller banks, however, are ... read more
    Bitcoin News09-13-2019
  • Crypto Lending Platforms Prepare to Assail the Banking System
    The battle lines have been drawn and the troops assembled. On the one side stands the combined might of the banking cartels, centuries of deeply entrenched financial infrastructure supporting them. And on the other side stands a handful of crypto companies armed with little more than a passionate plea: “Ditch ... read more
    Bitcoin News08-29-2019
  • ARPA and Wirex Latest Projects to Qualify for Huobi Fast Track Listing
    Huobi – the 2nd largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume – is reportedly set to list ARPA as next in line for Huobi’s community-powered Fast Track Listing [FTL] program, which has garnered significant support from Huobi users following its launch in June earlier this summer. ARPA is a second layer, privacy-preserving ... read more