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Volume Network News:

  • Hawk Network’s Token Economy
    As the official digital currency of Hawk Network, HAWK is of great market potential, which can be quantified. As mentioned earlier, by 2020, the market volume of global shared travel will reach 520 billion US dollars. Within it, a centralized platform as a medium can make about 30% ... read more
  • Smart Contract Blockchains Are Struggling to Scale
    Second generation blockchains were presented as being faster, cheaper, and more scalable than Bitcoin. Third generation chains (basically anything that came after Ethereum) promised even greater optimizations. In the event, these networks have run into the same difficulties as Bitcoin, with competition for scarce resources leading to mounting costs and ... read more
    Bitcoin News10-17-2019
  • Meet Be.cash: An Offline Bitcoin Cash Sending Tool
    On October 13, software developer Tobias Ruck showed off a demo of an offline bitcoin cash (BCH) wallet tool called Be.cash. The concept provides individuals with the ability to send and sign a BCH transaction without internet service. Also read: 80% of Crypto Trade Volume Tracked by Blockchain Surveillance Be.cash: ... read more
    Bitcoin News10-17-2019
  • Ethereum’s breakout from flag pattern could drop price to $127
    Ethereum has recovered considerably from its drop last month, and was valued at around $173, at the time of writing. The Ethereum network’s native token, ETH, also ranks 2nd in the list of the world’s largest cryptocurrencies, with a market cap of almost $19 billion and a daily trading volume ... read more
  • Beginners Guide to QAN – Fast, Scalable, and Quantum Resistant
    QAN is a quantum-resistant, enterprise-ready blockchain. To date, only one or two other blockchain projects have launched with the quantum threat in mind – Quantum Resistant Ledger is the best-known. However, none of them yet offer any kind of sophisticated smart contract programming capabilities. New blockchain platforms generally claim to ... read more
  • RSK Increased Its Merged Mining Rewards; Bitcoin Miners to Gain More?
    If you’re a Bitcoin miner or enthusiast, you now have another reason to smile. On October 12th, RSK, the project that brought smart contracts to Bitcoin, launched a new incentive program that will provide a big boost to its merged mining rewards program. RSK’s reward program, which compensates merged mining ... read more
  • Renowned Bitcoin Artist Encourages Venezuelan Artists Spread the BTC Word
    Perhaps the most well known Bitcoin artist is on a mission to spread the Bitcoin word in Venezuela. Pascal Boyart has been working with the website SatoshiEnVenezula to help artists local to the South American nation monetise their work using the crypto asset. Boyart is famous for his Bitcoin-inspired murals ... read more
  • Bitcoin Poised For Another Breakout as It Clings to Support, Which Way Next?
    Bitcoin has spent the past two weeks consolidating just below the 200 day moving average. So far it has managed to cling to support above $8,000 but a big move could be coming soon so which way will it go next? Bitcoin Trading Range Tightens Another day has seen Bitcoin ... read more
  • 6 Monitoring Websites That Help Track Bitcoin Cash Data
    When it comes to cryptocurrency networks and markets, there’s a lot to keep track of. Thankfully there’s also now a bunch of dedicated bitcoin cash (BCH) data websites that provide easy to comprehend visual representations of network statistics and market indicators. Also read: Slovenia Has the Most BCH-Accepting Physical Locations ... read more
    Bitcoin News10-12-2019
  • Over 200 Venezuelan Taxis Discover the Benefits of Bitcoin Cash
    A man named Oscar Salas recently spoke about his quest to spread bitcoin cash (BCH) adoption on episode 34 of the Bitcoin Cast show. Salas explained in great detail how he is a passionate BCH supporter and the organizer of the Maracaibo city BCH meetup. Following his interview a few ... read more
    Bitcoin News10-09-2019
  • French Government-owned Bpifrance Joins Lightning Network Developer ACINQ’s $8 Million Investment Round
    Veronique Jacq, managing director of the Digital Investment Unit at Bpifrance, says that the institution is “convinced that bitcoin is becoming more and more obvious.” Jacq, who heads the partially state-owned French investment bank, stated that bitcoin is gradually becoming an important part of the global economy. In order to ... read more
    Ethereum World News10-09-2019
  • Bitcoin Cash Settles More Value Than ETH in Dollars Moved
    Bitcoin Cash (BCH) proponents have recently been discussing the amount of value participants have been sending onchain. For quite some time now, statistics show the BCH chain has been moving more money than the ETH network in terms of USD value sent per day. With extremely low network fees, a ... read more
    Bitcoin News10-08-2019
  • (CEX vs DEX) vs HEX
    A hybrid crypto exchange is a platform that provides users with access to their private keys and aims to solve the scalability issues of decentralized exchanges. *Disclaimer: I don’t insist that one have to store 100% of the portfolio on any kind of exchange. ​ Why is ... read more
  • New Uniswap Interface UniswapDEX.com
    We love Uniswap, but wanted more features than what the uniswap.exchange interface provides. So we created a new interface at UniswapDEX.com with many more features. The source code is available on GitLab http://gitlab.com/shardus/uniswapdex The UniswapDEX.com site is a web interface to the Uniswap contracts that were developed as ... read more
  • After Ponzi Collapses, Ethereum Fees Fall Under $0.01 Again
    Over the past few months, an odd trend has been seen: the Ethereum blockchain itself has started to gain traction, even as ETH’s price fell, with there being a large uptick in transaction volumes and overall network activity. It got to a point when last month, the fees that Ethereum ... read more
    Ethereum World News10-01-2019
  • r/Bitcoin recap – September 2019
    Hi Bitcoiners! I’m back with the 33rd monthly Bitcoin news recap. For those unfamiliar, each day I pick out the most popular/relevant/interesting stories in r/Bitcoin and save them. At the end of the month I release them in one batch, to give you a quick (but not necessarily ... read more
  • Why Bitcoin Price May Soon Recover to $10,000
    After a precipitous drop to $7,700 this weekend, Bitcoin (BTC) bulls have managed to reclaim some ground. While the cryptocurrency market hasn’t flipped decidedly bullish yet, Bitcoin has found itself up by 6% in the past 24 hours, moving to $8,500 in a steady trend upward. Related Reading: Bitcoin Forms ... read more
  • Bitcoin Cash Meetups Help Plant the Seeds of Economic Freedom
    Our newsdesk recently caught up with Bitcoin.com’s community manager Chris Bridgman who discussed the recent expansion of Bitcoin Cash-focused meetups worldwide. Over the last two years, Bridgman and his partner Akane Yokoo have seen BCH meetups grow from a small handful to around 90 BCH-based gatherings in a number of ... read more
    Bitcoin News09-28-2019
  • Without Disobedience, Bitcoin Is No Better Than Gold
    With the launch of Bakkt’s bitcoin futures market and Binance’s revamped U.S. exchange, there’s been a lot of talk in the space about institutionalization and traditional money flowing into crypto. It’s almost as if some believe that Bitcoin can’t scale as a purely peer-to-peer electronic cash system and that third ... read more
    Bitcoin News09-27-2019
  • Now you can Trade BKY in Shortex & Bitfxt
    Bluekey is an ERC20 token based on Ethereum. A total of 10 Billion BKY tokens were minted with its smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. BKY will be used for transactions across BluekeyPay, BluekeyMarket, BluekeyNetwork, BluekeyForex, BluekeyExchange, & BluekeyAdvertisingNetwork. At present, the target trading volume of the Bluekey ... read more