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  • Eli Manning Has Been Benched but Don’t Feel Too Bad for Him
    With his new role as a benchwarmer, Eli Manning will have some time to reflect. One thing he might think about is the ridiculous amount of money he’s made. The two-time Super Bowl champion will likely end the year as the highest-paid football player of all-time. Mannings Make the Money ... read more
  • Ethereum Uptrend Continues as Analysts Eye Further Gains
    Ethereum (ETH) has been standing at the helm of the recent upwards momentum incurred by the aggregated crypto market, and it has been able to extend its momentum in spite of Bitcoin erasing much of its recent gains during an overnight drop. This bullishness has allowed ETH to decisively break ... read more
  • When you FUD & FOMO almost at the same time 🤪
  • 53 Bullish Reasons
    Credit for this list goes to Murad Mahmudov Global trust in government institutions, banks, and mass media companies is at multi-decade lows. Studies show that trust between people (interpersonal trust) is eroding and is near all-time lows, too. Trust between nations is diminishing, too. Global debt levels are ... read more
  • Current Bitcoin Price Action Like That of Pre-2017 Mania, Says Analyst
    Popular on-chain technical analyst Willy Woo believes that Bitcoin is currently in the early phases of another huge bull market. He appeared on former Wall Streeter and Bitcoin proponent Tone Vays’s YouTube channel earlier today to discuss the market. In addition to Bitcoin price action resembling that of the period ... read more
  • Iota Introduces Chronicle, a New Solution for Long-Term Data Storage
    Iota introduces Chronicle, which allows node owners to store data for indefinite timeframes ... read more
  • ‘Master’ of Alternative Investments Doesn’t Have a Clue About Bitcoin
    Blackstone head honcho Stephen Schwarzman is rich. Really rich. Almost twice the market cap of bitcoin-level rich, in fact. The man who was, once upon a time, lauded as the “Master of the Alternative Universe” built his empire by taking risks. Over the years, the billionaire CEO has traded in ... read more
  • Bitcoin Weekly Chart May Point to Covert Bullishness
    After incurring a sudden influx of buying pressure yesterday that sent Bitcoin’s price surging past $10,400, the crypto’s bulls were unable to perpetuate this momentum, which has since led BTC to retrace back towards the lower-$10,000 region. Analysts are noting that Bitcoin may still be gearing up for a bullish ... read more
  • NYZO
    Nyzo is very new, having just launched in December 2018. The coin is not yet listed on CoinMarketCap, which means it has flown under everyone’s radar until now. The purpose of this crypto coin is to create a mesh network. This is a unique utility not possible through ... read more
  • Crypto Analyst: Bitcoin Price Boredom Ends With Break of $9K or $12K
    Bitcoin price action has gone stagnant, causing volatility to disappear, and turning trader’s attention to toward altcoins like Ethereum and Ripple which are finally having some time in the limelight. But for the leading cryptocurrency by market cap to become interesting again, one crypto analyst says that Bitcoin price will ... read more