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SIX Network News:

  • Report: ‘The State of Stablecoins’ Maps the Growth of Fiat-Pegged Cryptocurrency
    A new report published this week shines a light on the stablecoin ecosystem. Authored by George Samman and Andrew Masanto in conjunction with Amazix, the report traces the rise of digital currencies against a backdrop of high inflation in 16 countries. The report claims these conditions will create a need ... read more
    Bitcoin News02-22-2019
  • Co-Founder of Newly Launched ZBX Exchange Speaking at Stockholm Blockchain Forum
    Sweden and the Nordics is home to an innovative start-up environment with a strong blockchain and crypto community. The Stockholm Blockchain Forum taking place on April 11th has now confirmed the presence of Jimmy Zhao from the recently launched crypto exchange ZBX to speak at the event. Although headquartered in ... read more
  • Bitcoin [BTC]: Lightning Network sees 830% increase in network capacity over six months
    Bitcoin’s Lightning Network has been in the news over the past few months for its widespread adoption and implementation by a majority of mainstream players. Since Bitcoin’s inception, the virtual currency has not really been able to facilitate widespread adoption due to its relatively high transaction fees and significant transaction ... read more
  • Meet Memopay, the Bitcoin Cash Advertising Model That ‘Pays for Attention’
    There’s a different kind of advertising taking place on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network, using an application called Memopay. The ad campaign platform employs a novel approach to advertise someone’s website, product or service by sending a small fraction of BCH to thousands of public addresses with an encoded OP_return ... read more
    Bitcoin News02-20-2019
  • Daily Volume Reaches New 2019 High in Monday Crypto Rally
    Following a week of inactivity crypto markets are finally moving again this Monday. A rally which started a few hours ago has seen daily volume increase to $26 billion which marks a new high for 2019. Ethereum is currently driving momentum across markets as it surges 11.5% from $123 this ... read more
    Ethereum World News02-18-2019
  • Crypto Tidbits: Meet JP Morgan Coin, SEC Drops Bitcoin ETF Application
    After last week’s price action, the crypto market quieted down. Bitcoin entered a lull, while altcoins followed close behind. Yet, the wheels of the crypto train have continued to spin. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey revealed that his fintech upstart would eventually integrate Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, JP Morgan launched its own ... read more
  • Why bitcoin’s future is vertical and crypto should give up going horizontal
    Instead of concentrating on building the vertical second layer on top of the bitcoin network, the industry has been obsessed with developing competing base layers on a horizontal plane in the shape of new blockchains, often at great expense and with relatively little to show for it. That, at any ... read more
    Ethereum World News02-16-2019
  • Post Office in Liechtenstein Now Sells BTC
    The government-owned post office in Liechtenstein has begun offering a cryptocurrency exchange service. Initially, the post office in the capital city of Vaduz will sell BTC, with four more cryptocurrencies planned. The service is in partnership with Zug-based Värdex Suisse, the operator of “the largest crypto ATM network in Switzerland.” ... read more
    Bitcoin News02-15-2019
  • Fasttoken – Ethereum-based gambling platform that makes its state channel codes public
    You don’t have to be a blockchain developer to know that one of the most pressing issues most crypto platforms struggle with is that of scalability. Over the years, various good solutions have surfaced. Technologies such as sharding, side channels, and state channels have all proved that scalability can be ... read more
    Ethereum World News02-14-2019
  • The ideal state of the system. Identity proof based on six degrees of separation.
    Hey, Ethereum! Quick reminder. I'm developing an identity proof system based on the idea of six degrees of separation. I'm writing a series of posts, which I'll then transform into whitepaper. This is the third post. Here I try to imagine the ideal ... read more