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RIF Token News:

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    On August 21, James Cramer, the developer behind the Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP), announced the launch of the Electron Cash SLP version 3.5. The latest release allows people to create a new type of SLP token called NFT1, a non-fungible token that can be grouped together by a single ID. ... read more
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    A group of hardcore bitcoin maximalists have heroically overcome their hatred for Ethereum after receiving ERC20 shares in crypto exchange INX worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The staunch BTC loyalists, led by Blockstream CTO Samson Mow, have agreed to support a project built on Ethereum, despite all the mean ... read more
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  • Best Ethereum Wallets
    When you start using cryptocurrency the number one problem is to find a secure wallet. In this article, we will introduce the most popular Ethereum wallets. Hardware Wallets We start with hardware wallets. These wallets provide offline storage for cryptocurrency. This kind of Ethereum ... read more
  • Crowdfunding (2.0) on the blockchain – an ideal use case?
    I’m keeping a close eye on Pledgecamp (PLG), a blockchain based crowdfunding platform. They believe that the likes of Kickstarter and Indiegogo are stagnant and are ripe for disruption…Enter blockchain...which correctly incentives and restore trust and accountability.Smart contracts secure funds in escrow, which lets backers monitor and verify ... read more
  • How to Bequeath Your Digital Assets to Your Descendants
    Depending on your belief system, death is either the endgame or the next level. Whatever lies on the other side, your bitcoins are no good there. Just as we entered this world with nothing, we are destined to leave it with nothing. All those years spent stacking sats needn’t be ... read more
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  • Philippines Increasingly Crypto Friendly – A Look at Driving Forces
    There are many reasons why the Philippines is becoming increasingly crypto-friendly. Not only has its central bank registered more crypto exchanges recently, but the Securities and Exchange Commission has also been actively finalizing crypto guidelines. The country has an active crypto community, and one of its largest banks has engaged ... read more
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  • Daily General Discussion – August 17, 2019
    Welcome to the Daily General Discussion thread of /r/EthTrader. Thread guidelines: Please refrain from discussing non-Ethereum related tokens here. You are welcome to discuss altcoins in the Daily Altcoin Discussion thread. All sub rules apply here so please be familiar with them. To view live streaming ... read more
  • Alcor Life Extension Foundation Now Accepts Bitcoin Cash Donations
    Alcor Life Extension Foundation has revealed the company is accepting bitcoin cash (BCH) donations. Alcor was convinced by Bitcoin.com’s executive chairman Roger Ver to add BCH acceptance, the same person who convinced Alcor to accept BTC payments via Bitpay back in 2014. The nonprofit organization is well known for its ... read more
    Bitcoin News08-14-2019
  • Elon Musk Supports Yang – But Does Andrew Yang Really Support Bitcoin?
    There’s much talk about multi-billionaire innovator Elon Musk’s newly announced support for Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang. Yang, known as the Bitcoin-friendly choice for 2020, has a reputation for innovation with his unique stance on Universal Basic Income, emphatic blockchain talking points, and acceptance of crypto donations. But it remains ... read more
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