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Nebulas is a global blockchain search engine. It uses a universal standard of value to help users find high-value DApps and other information quickly.
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Nebulas News:

  • Nebulas NOVA: The dawn of a collaborative future
    On April 15 [UTC+8], 2019, the renowned public blockchain project Nebulas held an exclusive press conference in Beijing, China to officially announce the launch of a new and much-improved version of their blockchain-Nebulas NOVA. This release includes upgrades to the core functions of the Nebulas mainnet and is now the ... read more
  • Crypto Market Wrap: Bitcoin Cash Surges to Retake Fourth Spot
    Crypto markets back in the green; Bitcoin Cash leading the charge with BNB and ONT close behind. Market Wrap The news for the weekend is good – there has been no massive dump and yesterday’s pullback was just that as crypto markets recover again today. Markets are moving back up ... read more
  • Nebulas empowers community members in reorganized governance model
    Nebulas have announced the formation of Nebulas Trinity, a three-sided governance model to oversee the development of its blockchain, working in tandem with the Nebulas community to manage 35,000,000 NAS in public assets reserved for ecosystem development. The Nebulas Trinity consists of three organizations with separate, independent, and mutual constraining ... read more
  • Nebulas Fully Discloses Development Process and Budget Information
    On March 25th, the Nebulas team launched the community collaboration platform, ‘Go Nebulas‘. As the primary intention of ‘Go Nebulas’, the community will be shown a comprehensive, detailed overview of all Nebulas related projects; from the development process to project budgets. Shortly after release, over 80 projects, in various phases ... read more