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A payments-based cryptocurrency and incentivization network.
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Metal News:

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    Miners do the mining, so if you know what mining is then you know what miners do. So what is crypto mining? No, it is not taking a pickaxe and chipping away at a cave wall to expose the precious metal in the stone. Mining is a computational ... read more
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    Imperatriz Leopoldinense, a prominent Brazilian samba school, has chosen money as the theme of its performance during the 2019 Carnaval do Rio de Janeiro, which will be held in the week of March 2 – 9. Its dancers will tell the history of money, from the first metal coins and ... read more
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    Bitcoin Likely “Massively Undervalued,” Claims Analyst PlanB, a leading cryptocurrency-friendly researcher on Twitter that has the handle “100trillionUSD” a (likely reference to his/her long-term prediction for the market capitalization of Bitcoin), recently took to his feed to claim that at the moment, BTC could be “MASSIVELY undervalued.” Citing a comment regarding ... read more
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  • Metal Pay has Updates to Announce in AMA
    Hey! Metal has been developing a ton the past six months since they launched their app on the iPhone app store. They're the first place you could buy a good variety of cryptos fresh with USD and you earn $MTL every time you send or receive money in ... read more
  • Long-Term Bitcoin Bull: Likely That Crypto Market Hasn’t Bottomed Yet
    Crypto Market Bottom Likely Isn’t In As Bitcoin (BTC) has found itself in the midst of a lull, as it’s held the $3,400 level over the past days and weeks, some optimistic cryptocurrency traders have claimed that the bottom is clearly in. Yet, two leading industry commentators recently sought to ... read more
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  • Max Keiser Bares Fangs, Challenges Bitcoin Naysayers With Digital Gold Argument
    “Fight Me,” Keiser Says Over Digital Gold Argument  As BTC has continued to stumble, Max Keiser, a broadcaster at RT and a diehard decentralist/anti-establishment proponent, has taken to Twitter and his personal show, the “Keiser Report,” to laud Bitcoin as a viable form of “digital cash.” In an episode of ... read more
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  • Did Bitcoin’s Q4 2018 Price Performance Prove It’s Not Digital Gold? Think Again
    Writing for Market Watch Tuesday, Aaron Hankin asserts that Bitcoin’s price plunge along with the NASDAQ and other equities benchmarks in Q4 2018 proves Bitcoin is more like a tech stock than digital gold as some Bitcoin proponents have characterized it. Typically when soft assets like stocks and bonds are ... read more
  • Researcher: Bitcoin Will Easily Surpass Market Cap of Gold at $8 Trillion
    Crypto’s most fervent crusaders have sought to keep their heads up in this drastic, bone-crushing bear market. While optimism has often taken the form of the “institutional herd is coming” narrative, a number of Bitcoin (BTC) natives have begun to revisit the asset’s underlying value proposition. And no, in their ... read more
  • Digitalisation of Gold and Silver
    Since ancient times, gold has always been something that has had value attributed to it. All writings from civilizations long gone have mentioned gold and its valuable attributes. Throughout history, gold has gone through numerous changes to make it more accessible for investors. The problems with gold are ... read more