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Education Ecosystem News:

  • Satoshi’s Games Goes Live. Play Games on the Lightning Network
    Satoshi’s.Games is now available on the Lightning Network since Wednesday, February 13, allowing users and players to try several occasional games on this powerful network while earning satoshis upon completion of certain challenges. The application development team posted the announcement on its Twitter account, which has nearly 900 followers. A ... read more
    Ethereum World News02-17-2019
  • Tron Price Analysis: TRX Bulls are Back, Correction Phase Over?
    Latest Tron News Underpinning the success of any project, is its ability to draw new users. It doesn’t matter the size or funding levels. Bitcoin became an instant success because of its ability to cut off gate keepers, the middle men that continue to squeeze out every last penny in ... read more
    Ethereum World News02-15-2019
  • Costa Rica: A Rising Crypto Paradise?
    Much has been written about the unfriendly regulation, stance or even criminalization of cryptocurrencies that some countries have adopted. Indeed, Bangladesh has taken its war on crypto to the next level by passing laws which enable cryptocurrency holders to be sentenced to 12 years in prison. Other countries like Switzerland, ... read more
  • Columbia University to host an IBM-sponsored Blockchain Summit
    Blockchain conferences always include an air of excitement and novelty, even if they follow a relatively predictable pattern. They are at once spectacle and substance. Developers, investors, and interested observers pour in from around the world to take part in the keynote speeches and side conversations that are propelling blockchain ... read more
    VANTA Network platform is an intelligent network that is designed for a real-time network which will use the blockchain technology to enable individuals and businesses or companies to quickly develop services that will effectively transmit and make a real-time data, also commercialize the services at a very low ... read more
  • Ripple allegedly offering attractive XRP packages as an incentive to prospective hires
    Ripple, the company at the forefront of blockchain-based payment services is now allegedly offering XRP packages as an incentive to hire prospective and talented engineers from across the world. Coindesk reported that an engineer was promised an XRP package worth $3 million [excluding the salary] from Ripple in an email ... read more
  • Ripple expands its University Blockchain Research Initiative to 11 more universities across the world
    In a step forward towards the better utility and application of the revolutionary blockchain technology, global financial settlements giant, Ripple has announced that it will now partner 11 more universities through its University Blockchain Research Initiative [UBRI]. The project, first launched in June 2018, now has partners in 29 universities ... read more
  • Neironix became an official agent of the BitPax exchange
    BitPax Exchange, which is the part of the Korean blockchain holding PaxNet360, will be presented by the Neironix analytical agency in Russia, Europe, the USA, Canada, Latin America and Asia, that was concluded in an agreement on the 23rd of January, 2019. The PAXNET Corporation is a Korean ... read more
  • Inaugural Asia Crypto Week to Unite Global Crypto Ecosystem in Hong Kong
    Thousands Gather to Discuss the Resilient Growth of the Crypto Industry The inaugural Asia Crypto Week, featuring a number of independent educational, investor and developer-focused events, is set to make its debut in Hong Kong from 11-17 March 2019. The week-long event will bring together some of the leading projects, ... read more
  • Is Cryptocurrency Powering the Explosive Economic Growth in Malta?
    The blockchain and cryptocurrency-friendly nation of Malta has been forecast as the nation to experience the most economic growth during 2019. The European Commission projected that the small island country’s economy would grow by a huge 5.2% during the period. The European Commission’s report forecasts Malta as outperforming the economic ... read more