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Earth Token News:

  • Idea to measure global storage capacity and generate proof-of-capacity
    In simultaneous global events, exactly at the same time, for 30 minutes or so, a global event on Earth to measure proof-of-capacity. Based on the total capacity each entity generates, rewarded with BIT tokens. These are used to distribute storage, higher probability of being selected as host based ... read more
  • Costa Rica: A Rising Crypto Paradise?
    Much has been written about the unfriendly regulation, stance or even criminalization of cryptocurrencies that some countries have adopted. Indeed, Bangladesh has taken its war on crypto to the next level by passing laws which enable cryptocurrency holders to be sentenced to 12 years in prison. Other countries like Switzerland, ... read more
  • $234 million worth of Ethereum tokens held in MakerDAO smart contract as collateral
    The Ethereum tokens held as collateral on MakerDAO smart contract has been on a constant rise over the past few months. Kevin Rooke, a Twitterati has pointed out that the number of tokens on the smart contract currently accounts to over 2 million Ethereum, worth around $234 million. MakerDAO is ... read more
  • Bank’s Refusal to Release $1.2B of Venezuelan Gold Strengthens the Case for Bitcoin
    Venezuela’s economic crisis is impossible to ignore. President Nicolás Maduro’s attempt to withdraw $1.2 billion of the country’s own gold from the Bank of England (BoE) has been rejected. The notion of a sovereign state being denied access to its own wealth is a concept that’s hard for bitcoiners to countenance. One ... read more
    Bitcoin News01-26-2019
  • Bitcoin Believer Novogratz May Salvage Struggling Crypto Startups With $250M
    There may be a drought in the broader retail Bitcoin market, but in the crypto financier space, spirits seem to be as high as ever. Well, that’s what Mike Novogratz, the founder of merchant bank Galaxy Digital, thinks anyway. Just recently, the former Wall Street investor, who held stints at ... read more