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  • Craig Wrighr Bought A Survey This is Fresh-Vision’s report on the results of a study on the crypto industry. As we know, there is a large number of blockchain projects, their followers and opinion leaders. Therefore, among their numbers there will always be strict adherents who consistently ... read more
  • The Changing Face of Cryptocurrency Trading in 2019
    The cryptocurrency exchange landscape has evolved significantly in 2019. The number, quality and diversity of exchanges has multiplied, giving traders an unprecedented number of venues to choose from. This smorgasbord of options risks leaving traders overwhelmed, however, as exchanges jockey for supremacy, launching new features and products designed to woo ... read more
    Bitcoin News08-26-2019
  • Digitex Futures Is Ready To Unleash
    Disclaimer: This a paid post, and should not be treated as news/advice. It’s all happening in the crypto-derivatives market right now. Hot on the heels of the news that Bakkt will launch its institutional futures platform in September, Digitex Futures has now confirmed that it will launch its zero-fee retail ... read more