DeepBrain ChainDeepBrain Chain (dbc)

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Market cap: $11,421,360 #263
DeepBrain Chain is an artificial intelligence computing platform driving by blockchain technology. In the future, every company will have a use case for artificial intelligence.
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DeepBrain Chain News:

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    I've noticed that DBC had began moving on up from the bottom a couple of weeks ago, this is a coin that has moved from the 500 rank on CMC to around ~250 and made 300% gains over that time. I've been watching it over the past couple ... read more
  • DeepBrain Chain Trade
    DBC has had a pretty rough time during this bear market, I remember seeing it at around rank 90 on CMC back in 2017 and it's currently at 357. Needless to say it's fallen pretty far, but I noticed last week and it made some healthy gains and ... read more