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An end-to-end encrypted communications & payment platform with zero-knowledge tech, backed by an open-source community.
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ZenCash News:
  • Crypto King Silbert: Bitcoin at Bottom, Only Upwards From Here
    CNBC’s seemingly non-stop coverage of the crypto market has continued, with so-called Crypto King Barry Silbert appearing on ‘Fast Money’ on Wednesday afternoon. Barry Silbert Gives Multiple Reasons To Why Bitcoin Has Hit A Bottom On Wednesday, Barry Silbert, an early Bitcoin investor and founder of many crypto-related firms, recently took to ... read more
  • Bitcoin [BTC] price showing a ‘really bullish sign’, says Barry Silbert
    In a panel discussion with CNBC Fast Money on 18th July, Barry Silbert, the Founder, and CEO of the Digital Currency Group discussed the Bitcoin price recovery of above $7000 and the possibility of the beginning of a bull market. Silbert, on the bullish nature of Bitcoin, implied that a ... read more
  • Huge Inflow into Crypto Investment Fund Despite Bear Market
    Crypto investment fund Grayscale has revealed it received record-breaking inflows of money during the first six months of 2018 even though the price of Bitcoin crashed from $20,000 to $7,000. Crypto Fund Receives Strong Backing Grayscale Investments released their first Digital Asset Investment report, which showed a large influx of ... read more
  • ZenCash preparing to launch Super Nodes on the network in a few days, while also raising reward distribution for Secure Nodes
    submitted by /u/aeroFurious [link] [comments] ... read more
  • “Monero [XMR] was horrible to use” – Zcoin [XZC]’s Reubin Yap
    On 14th July, Dan Fries from Coin Crunch interviewed Reubin Yap, the Chief Operating Officer [COO] of Zcoin [XZC]. They discussed the state of privacy coins in the current cryptocurrency space, the background and history of Zcoin, and the distinction between Zcoin and Zcash privacy protocols. According to Reubin, some ... read more
  • ZenCash [ZEN] Super Node Beta to be released soon
    ZenCash [ZEN] has recently announced the release of beta version of ZenCash Super Node on 10th July. Tweet by ZenCash’s official Twitter account: “Get ready! #zencash Super Nodes go into beta testing on July 10.” With the new beta version, the Super Nodes can be set to its testing phase ... read more
  • Syscoin Hack Disrupts Binance Prompting Temporary Shutdown
    Syscoin has been hit by an unusual hack that has manipulated the coin’s total supply. The attackers then sent the fraudulently generated coins to Binance and sold them, pushing the price of 1 SYS to as high as 96 BTC. The BTC they received was then withdrawn, prompting Binance to ... read more
    Bitcoin News07-04-2018
  • This Week in Bitcoin: Expanding Exchanges, New Crypto Fund, Patent, and Laws
    In this week’s editions of Bitcoin in Brief we’ve covered a number of interesting developments in the crypto space. Several prominent exchanges have announced plans to increase their presence in new markets and locations, while a newly launched platform aims to rate them according to their liquidity, security, and volume. ... read more
    Bitcoin News07-01-2018
  • Post TRON [TRX] and Pornhub announcement the markets react
    A partnership with a pornographic website should according to many boost the usability and adoption of TRX. Pornhub’s premium version currently has a 48.4 million page views from all over the world. The current markets, however, are reacting like Verge which after its Pornhub and Brazzers announcement continued to drop. TRON ... read more
  • State of TRON (TRX) Post Independence Day
    TRON (TRX)–Despite the plummeting cryptomarket over the past two weeks (down nearly 60 billion USD in market capitalization), TRON has managed to push forward with the development of the currency. Monday June 25th marked the official genesis block of TRX on Main Net, signifying the moment that TRON officially distanced ... read more
    Ethereum World News06-29-2018