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YOU Chain News:
  • BCH Devs Publish Bi-Directional Payment Concept Based on IPFS
    On Friday, Openbazaar and Bchd developer, Chris Pacia, revealed a new Bchd project feature currently in the making that would allow for Bitcoin Cash-based bi-directional payment channels. Moreover, in contrast to the Lightning Network, the Bchd developers explained that the team has created an overlay network based on the Inter-Planetary ... read more
    Bitcoin News12-16-2018
  • Support Grows for Bitcoin Proof of Keys on Jan. 3
    The campaign to see bitcoin withdrawn from third-party wallets to private wallets on Jan. 3 is gaining traction. Over the past week, hundreds of Twitter accounts, including those operated by prominent figures such as Nick Szabo, have appended “[Jan/3 ]” to their Twitter handle to show support for the operation, ... read more
    Bitcoin News12-16-2018
  • Game Changer: Decentralized LocalCoin OTC P2P Trading and White Label Platforms
    Soon to be launching bringing users stability, security and complete control with anonymity. Localcoin P2P and exchange platform is decentralized, super fast with 2 second block formations. Create and launch your own cryptocurrency with LLC White Label within minutes. Many exciting features with more to come. Airdrop/bounty available to first ... read more
  • Why You should See CoinAnalyst Project
    CoinAnalyst project will provide a real and up to date information needed by Crypto enthusiasts. No more fake news and fake speculation. #Coinanalyst #blockchain submitted by /u/Elachious [link] [comments] ... read more
  • A Look at Some of 2018’s Most Popular Cryptocurrency Traders
    Cryptocurrency trading is a popular pursuit, as the fluctuation of digital assets provides plenty of profit-taking opportunities. The volatility gives expert traders enough room to pull in daily profits by carefully predicting price movements. Digital currency fans follow a slew of sophisticated traders online because they frequently publish technical analysis ... read more
    Bitcoin News12-16-2018
  • How Binance Is Spearheading Gender Equality in Technology
    The fields of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) have for decades been considered as male professions. But over the years, women have proven that they too can tackle STEM careers in a manner similar to or greater than their male counterparts. The same can be said about the crypto ... read more
    Ethereum World News12-16-2018
  • Lawyers to Help the Russian Crypto Industry Deal With Inadequate Laws
    In the absence of a comprehensive regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies in Russia, lawyers have taken matters into their own hands. A new advisory body of legal experts will look into cases where the current legislation does not reflect the specifics of the growing digital economy and propose solutions. Also ... read more
    Bitcoin News12-16-2018
  • Binance Labs Releases 8 Blockchain Projects From Its Incubator Program.
    Binance Labs, the branch of the famous Exchange Binance focused on promoting initiatives related to the use of blockchain technologies, has recently announced the release of the first batch of projects that became a reality thanks to its incubation program. Part of the team working at Binance LabsAccording to a ... read more
    Ethereum World News12-16-2018
  • GP Bullhound sees 2019 bitcoin recovery, credit market crash may help too
    Predictions from respected corners of the mainstream financial world – GP Bullhound and Saxo Bank – could be good news for the crypto industry and its status as a valid and profitable asset class. US advisory and investment firm, GP Bullhound (GPB), under the subhead “Cryptocurrency will Grow Up”, concurs ... read more
    Ethereum World News12-16-2018
  • Linkedin: Blockchain Developer is 2018 Most Growing Job Sector (33X)
    Bearish about Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technologies? Think Again. Research conducted by the leading labor-oriented social network, LinkedIn, revealed that the Blockchain Development sector has experienced the fastest growth of all the emerging industries recorded by the portal. According to the study, “Blockchain Development” has experienced a growth of more than ... read more
    Ethereum World News12-16-2018