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Verify is a reputation protocol for commerce, built on the Ethereum blockchain.
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Verify News:
  • Verify (CRED) Q2 Update – Integration With 10 Banks
    submitted by /u/IJM [link] [comments] ... read more
  • Malta Stock Exchange to Develop Two New Platforms for Security Tokens
    The Malta Stock Exchange has separately announced today that MSX, the innovation, digital and fintech arm of the group, will be developing two new platforms for listing and trading security tokens. Neufund is developed in partnership with Binance, and OKMSX in collaboration with Okex. Also Read: No Insider Trading, Market ... read more
    Bitcoin News07-19-2018
  • The Daily: Anti-Crypto Politician Backed by Payments Firm, Grayscale Raised $250m in H1
    In today’s edition of Bitcoin in Brief we cover an American anti-crypto politician who is financially backed by a legacy payments firm, a positive change of leadership at Goldman Sachs, Grayscale’s performance during first half of 2018 and much more. Also Read: Mastercard Patents a Method to Manage Cryptocurrency “Fractional ... read more
    Bitcoin News07-19-2018
  • No Matter How You Slice It — Token Assets Are Coming to Bitcoin Cash
    Two more types of BCH tokenization projects have been announced on July 18, giving the BCH community a wider variety of different ideas that can bring forth the concept of representative tokens into reality on the Bitcoin Cash network. Also read: Powerful Cryptocurrency Firms on the Road Towards Becoming Banks ... read more
    Bitcoin News07-19-2018
  • UPenn Law: Majority of ICOs Break Whitepaper Promises, Retain Centralization
    Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)–ICOs continue to make headlines along the academic circuit, and not in a positive light. On Tuesday, a new report from the University of Pennsylvania Law School revealed that in addition to breaking whitepaper promises, the majority of ICOs were guilty of retaining centralization in their issued ... read more
    Ethereum World News07-18-2018
  • Mastercard Secures Patent To Close The Gap Between Credit Card Payments And Crypto
    On Tuesday, it was announced that Mastercard had just secured a patent that will allow for the financial services firm to link crypto assets and fiat bank accounts. Mastercard Wins Crypto-Related Patent CNBC recently reported that Mastercard now has a patent that will protect its proprietary method of building a ... read more
    Ethereum World News07-18-2018
  • Mastercard Patents a Method to Manage Cryptocurrency “Fractional Reserves”
    Mastercard has patented a method to manage cryptocurrency “fractional reserves”. The big idea behind it seems to be that users will be able to pay with fiat on credit cards partly backed by crypto assets using a centralized system offering faster transaction conformation speeds. Also Read: IBM Backs the Development ... read more
    Bitcoin News07-18-2018
  • Powerful Cryptocurrency Firms on the Road Towards Becoming Banks
    When bitcoin came out, supporters believed that the decentralized cryptocurrency would decimate the banking industry. Years later, as digital currencies became more mainstream, these networks were suddenly commanding billion dollar valuations. Meanwhile, cryptocurrency exchanges, brokerage services, and over-the-counter market makers have started to look into purchasing shares of banks and ... read more
    Bitcoin News07-18-2018
  • 5 Altcoins to Look Out For this Summer: NAGA, LTC, EOS, NEO and ADA
    After a prolonged crypto winter, the dog days of the altcoin summer are finally here — which means you might want to watch these five cryptocurrencies carefully. NAGA COIN (NGC) First on the list of cryptos to look out for this summer is NAGA COIN (NGC). NAGA COIN is the ... read more
  • IBM Backs the Development of Latest New Stablecoin, Stronghold USD
    It seems like a new alternative for Tether (USDT) pops up at least once a week recently. And the latest stablecoin to hit the market involves an interesting supporter, computer technology giant IBM. Stronghold USD is said to be backed one-to-one by fiat US dollars held at the company’s partner ... read more
    Bitcoin News07-18-2018