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Market cap: $382,868,880 #38
A decentralized currency designed for users who value privacy. It improves upon the original Bitcoin blockchain by using multiple anonymity-centric networks such as Tor and I2P.
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  • Bitcoin Mining Should be Illegal in the United States, Says, Congressman
    Two separate House Committees spent Wednesday (July 18, 2018) rambling on about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The summary of it all is that the United States elected officials do not know much about the emerging technology. Interested in Cryptocurrencies Members of the House Committee on Agriculture were the first to deliberate ... read more
    Ethereum World News07-19-2018
  • Cryptocurrency Industry Needs to be Probed, Says U.S. Congressman
    A Democratic lawmaker of the United States Congress wants the government to examine the use of cryptocurrencies for illegal activities critically. This call comes after revelations emerged last week that Bitcoin, a popular cryptocurrency played a role in the Russian meddling of the 2016 U.S. Presidential polls. Russians Used Bitcoin ... read more
    Ethereum World News07-19-2018
  • Tron [TRX] and Zcoin [XZC] now on Ledger, integration based on “internal evaluation criteria”
    On 18th July, Ledger, a smartcard-based hardware wallet, announced that they are now supporting Zcoin [XZC], an open-source currency that provides financial privacy and Tron [TRX], a blockchain based operating system. Ledger hardware wallets are a series of multicurrency wallets that are used to store private keys for cryptocurrencies offline. Ledger’s ... read more
  • Launches Screensaver That Mines Crypto for Charity
    Social petition platform,, has announced the launch of a screensaver that mines Monero on behalf of the organization. “The Mining Screensaver” will pool the computing power of the program’s users, with all XMR generated being automatically transferred to the Foundation. Also Read: Iran Considers Using Cryptocurrencies to Evade US ... read more
    Bitcoin News07-17-2018
  • Breaking: Bitcoin [BTC] Surges 10% As Crypto Market Experiences Volume Influx
    Bitcoin Moves From $6,800 to $7,400 Within 30 Minutes On early Tuesday morning, Bitcoin began a slow uptrend up to the heavily contested $6,800 price level. For those who are unaware, Bitcoin has tested the ~$6,800 level over three times in the past five weeks, leading many analysts to believe ... read more
    Ethereum World News07-17-2018
  • Cryptocurrencies Are On The Verge Of Being Accepted By Mainstream Society
    When this new blockchain technology first came on the scene, it was ridiculed by almost everyone, berated as simply a new scam to bilk people out of their hard earned money. Now some years later, with the positive applications of blockchain revealed and the fad notion dismissed, these same naysayers ... read more
  • Cardano [ADA] releases June update on Shelley project
    On 16th July, Cardano [ADA] released an update on the Shelley project. The Product Manager of IOHK, Liz Bancroft gives an update on Shelly for the month of June on the IOHK YouTube channel. She also gave an update on the project they are currently working on and the overall ... read more
  • Ethereum (ETH) Price Analysis: Gearing Up for a Reversal?
    Ethereum was previously trending lower beneath a descending channel and has closed above this falling resistance to signal a pending reversal. Price has also formed higher lows and higher highs to start creating an ascending channel. Recall that a bullish divergence was highlighted for this cryptocurrency and buyers are now ... read more
    Ethereum World News07-16-2018
  • TokenPay [TPAY] speaks up: A response to Tone Vays’ harsh remarks
    In the live YouTube broadcast of 16th July, TokenPay CEO Derek Capo along with Sean Davis clarified his viewers’ doubts on the recent accusations made by the Bitcoin influencer, Tone Vays, at the onset of its partnership with cryptocurrency leader Litecoin. TokenPay’s tweet | Source: Twitter Derek started off by ... read more
  • VIAV Stock on the Verge of Breaking Out Toward Higher Prices
    VIAV Stock: Setting up to Make a Move I take my cues regarding the health of a stock by looking at the price action that develops on its stock chart. The reason why I am bringing this up is because if we look at the price action for the major ... read more
    Stock Market Advice07-16-2018