VeChain (VET)
2.2455E-6 BTC
Market cap: $811,757,396 #19
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VeChain News:
  • The Weekly: McAfee’s Doomed Wallet, Altcoin Panic, Binance Launches Fiat-to-Crypto
    In this week’s daily editions of Bitcoin in Brief we reported on McAfee’s “Doomed” wallet, a panic in the altcoin markets, Binance’s new fiat-to-crypto platform in Liechtenstein and much more. The most commented-on article during the week covered a situation in the UK, where banks are targeting cryptocurrency owners – having ... read more
    Bitcoin News08-19-2018
  • My moonshot: Apex (CPX)
    This moonshot has been mentioned before but since the bear market it decreased in value extremely. Current stats according to Coinmarketcap: Rank 331 Price $0.022 Exchanges: Bit-Z, Lbank and Switcheo Total supply: 676.989.090 Circulating supply: 438.053.759 Market cap: 9.6 million Apex is part of an already existing company called Chinapex. ... read more
  • Crypto Market Sees 3% Pullback After A Short-Term Recovery
    As Tuesday rolled around, many traders thought that the worst was yet to come for the market, with critics expecting Bitcoin to chip away at the $5,800 support as the week continued. For those who are unaware, the $5,800 level has been continually cited as a strong line of support, ... read more
    Ethereum World News08-18-2018
  • Nano embraces speed, sees transaction rate jump to 750 TPS
    On 18th August, it was informed to users that Nano, the cryptocurrency, had achieved a maximum transaction per second [TPS] rate of 750 blocks per second, a record high for the cryptocurrency. The company also announced that they could maintain an average sustained rate of 75 TPS for over 30 ... read more
  • Can The Slow Cryptocurrency Recovery be Sustained?
    FOMO Moments Markets slowly recovering this weekend; XRP, EOS, Neo and Tron climbing back, VeChain falling slightly. The slow creep upwards has continued into the weekend as cryptocurrencies add more gains following their lowest levels of the year. Total market capitalization has crept up slightly and is currently holding above ... read more
  • NANO now accepted at Bitcoin Superstore, sees a hike of 43%
    On 17th August, Nano [NANO], a global cryptocurrency company announced on their official Twitter page that the coin will now be accepted by the world’s only crypto store, the Bitcoin Superstore. The Bitcoin Superstore houses almost all retail stores worldwide, including stores like Amazon, Alibaba, and John Lewis. Customers can pay for ... read more
  • VeChain announces maturity period waiver for economic nodes in VeChainThor wallet
    On 16th August, VeChain announced on Twitter that the maturity period for Economic Nodes in the VeChainThor wallet would be waived post 20th August. The platform also announced that the monitoring of X Nodes will resume post 1st September. VeChain Foundation’s tweet | Source: Twitter The VeChain team has affirmed that the 1st ... read more
  • IoT Crypto VeChain Price Surges 50% Overnight, Factors Behind the Spike
    VeChain, a China-based Internet of Things (IoT)-focused crypto, has surged by more than 50 percent in value within the past 24 hours. Analysts have attributed the increase in the price of VeChain to the successful series of partnerships the team has been able to secure since earlier this year and ... read more
  • EOS, Tron (TRX), & VeChain (VET) Get a Boost
    submitted by /u/cryptodailynews [link] [comments] ... read more
  • Did Bitcoin Bottom Out at $5,800 and is This the Beginning of a New Rally?
    In merely three days, the Bitcoin price has recovered from $5,850 to $6,500, leading the entire crypto market to rebound by a large margin. Followed by the establishment of Bitcoin’s newly found momentum, tokens and small market cap cryptocurrencies have risen by absurdly large margins, by around 30 to 80 ... read more