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UNITCOIN is a decentralized, peer-to-peer digital currency.
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Universal Currency News:
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    Ripple is gaining traction on its slide as it moves below the mid-channel area of interest on its descending channel. However, price is also hovering around a key support zone that has held since late November. If buyers are waiting to buy on dips at this area, support might ... read more
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  • XRP selected as first settlement mechanism by r3 for Corda Settler; wild adoption ahead?
    r3, a blockchain solution firm for businesses, today launched a universal settler application on Corda to facilitate global payments. Corda is an open-source blockchain firm that is working on spreading digital currencies across the global financial system. XRP, the native digital asset of the leading Fintech firm, Ripple, has been ... read more
  • A Cashless Society – Utopia or Dystopia?
    From Stockholm to New York, major global hubs are ditching cash for cards. As contactless payment devices including smartphones and smartwatches proliferate, hard currency is falling out of favor. But for all the convenience that touch payments bring, the cashless transition has major ramifications for the most underserved segments of ... read more
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  • Ethereum Adoption in Developing Countries Rising Exponentially: Lubin
    Ethereum has been one of the worst performing cryptocurrencies this year. But, as a technology, the project is going places. Joseph Lubin, the co-founder of the Ethereum project, recently stated about how the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem is gradually improving the financial and technological infrastructures of many developing nations. The Canadian ... read more
  • A completely free trading course available on Youtube without any paywall whatsoever. Beginner’s Section is done, Advanced Section has started already.
    Hi there, i'm here to spread the word about a course i discovered stickied (it still is) on r/daytrading a few days ago, that someone had started a few weeks before already, and that is completely free and already available on Youtube 🙂 It's creator c0tt0nc4ndyTA plans to get this ... read more
  • Global Banking System’s Capacity for Crypto: Experts estimate $1.2 trillion
    Over $1.2 trillion – this is the global banking system’s potential crypto assets growth capacity over the next few years. Experts from ICOBox’s Blockchain Research Center [IBRC] came up with their estimate based on the recommendations from international regulators to banks interested in trading cryptocurrency assets. The Swiss Financial Market ... read more
  • Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik: IBM Blockchain Is “Missing The Point”
    In recent years, as “Bitcoin”, “Ethereum”, and “blockchain” became common sounds in the global vernacular, a number of innovation-friendly corporations and forward-thinking startups have sought to implement this nascent innovation into their businesses. However, while many firms seem good-willed with their blockchain ambitions, some skeptics believe that these corporations could ... read more
  • Genesis Vision building the future of asset management with blockchain
    Lack of trust is one of the main problems the traditional asset management system is currently facing. Investors have practically no control over where their funds go, and often no guarantee that they will receive profit or even get the initial deposit back. Сonfronted with lack of transparency and inefficiency ... read more
  • GameXCoin
    GXC is a universal currency for games. Gamers can tokenize their in-game currency and trade them for any other game’s currency without censorship or friction. submitted by /u/BJlaCTb [link] [comments] ... read more
  • ProBit exchange order matching faster than Visa
    ProBit, a cryptocurrency exchange, is set to be one of its kind as the platform’s trading services are backed by superior technology and noted for having an exceptional matching engine. The engine has the capacity to manage more than 1.5 million transactions per second, making it one of the fastest ... read more