Time New Bank (TNB)
1.3614E-6 BTC
Market cap: $20,476,259 #199
TNB is token represent to Miao'A International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-valuebased transmission network.
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Time New Bank News:
  • Bitcoin is 300 Times Cheaper Than Wire Transfers, Banks Take 83% Profit
    Since 2017, so-called “experts” in the finance sector have criticized Bitcoin for being too expensive. Yet, banks are pocketing 83 percent profit on every wire transfer. According to Bank of America’s official data, the $302 billion bank charges $30 for outbound domestic wire transfer and $35 for outbound international wire ... read more
  • Ripple’s xRapid coming next month: What do the pilot results say for the future and XRP HODLers?
    The moment that many XRP holders have been waiting for has been spotted on the horizon. xRapid, Ripple’s product that utilizes the digital asset for cross-border payments, has been confirmed to go live in the “next month or so”. While there have been multiple theories surrounding this, one thing is ... read more
  • Bithumb and Coinone Terminating Fiat Withdrawals for Unverified Crypto Traders
    Two major South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges have announced that they will no longer allow unverified users to make withdrawals in Korean won. Starting next month, users of Bithumb and Coinone must have verified real-name accounts in order to deposit and withdraw the fiat currency. Also read: 160 Crypto Exchanges Seek to ... read more
    Bitcoin News09-17-2018
  • Ripple’s XRapid will be live next month or so, says Sagar Sarbhai
    On 17th September, in an interview with CNBC, Sagar Sarbhai Head of Government & Regulatory Relations, APAC & Middle East at Ripple spoke about the much awaited xRapid, the narrative of cryptocurrencies and more. Sarbhai stated that the narrative of cryptocurrencies a few years ago was “blockchain good, crypto bad”. He said ... read more
  • More Banks Sanctioned for AML, Fraud-Related Violations
    When societies discuss cryptocurrencies, the argument that the decentralized and unregulated nature of the crypto space leaves the door open to abuse, like money laundering and financial fraud, is often put forward by officials and authorities. However, a string of cases involving precisely these sins, and many, many banks, show ... read more
    Bitcoin News09-17-2018
  • Wall Street And Crypto: A Brief Overview
    Despite The Market Correction, Institutions Are Interested Despite 2018’s market tumble, Wall Street institutions are still showing interest in offering crypto-related products, services, and solutions that are aimed at retail and corporate clients alike. As pointed out by the most recent issue from Diar, a fintech-focused publication that provides in-depth analysis ... read more
    Ethereum World News09-17-2018
  • Zimbabwe’s New Finance Minister Advocates Government Cryptocurrency Unit
    The newly appointed Finance Minister of Zimbabwe is pushing for the formation of a cryptocurrency unit to help guide government policy relating to the technological and financial innovation. Mthuli Ncube also believes that the nation should pursue investments in the space. Will Zimbabwe Start Buying Cryptocurrency? According to a report ... read more
  • Dogecoin Creator And Elon Musk — The Ethereum (ETH) Scambot Fighting Duo?
    Jackson Palmer Meets Elon Musk As you are likely aware of, cryptocurrency scambots have become a rampant issue in the social media channels of this industry, with thousands of fraudulent Twitter accounts doing their utmost best to get their hands on consumer-owned crypto. This problem has even triggered Elon Musk ... read more
    Ethereum World News09-17-2018
  • Ripple’s XRP Product xRapid May Go Live in the Next Month
    Ripple’s settlement system that uses a combination of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies may be going live within the next month or so, according to a statement from a company executive. The product, which utilizes XRP to complete real-time cross border settlements, has already struck some high-profile partnerships, and many investors ... read more
  • Airgead Coin offers the world’s first debt-free cryptocurrency backed by precious metals
    For many centuries, humankind’s most stable form of currency has been precious metals. As they are rare, they offer a method of hedging against any pitfalls that come with the ownership of fiat currencies or government-issued money. The money issued by the government is subject to becoming diluted in value ... read more