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  • Aims to Offer a Cryptocurrency-Powered Patreon Alternative
    Since Patreon began censoring members and participated in deplatforming, many of its users have been seeking alternatives. One option is the cryptocurrency-infused, a Patreon-like application that strongly advocates freedom of speech and censorship-resistant money. Also Read: Many Self-Proclaimed Bitcoin Inventors and Satoshi Clues Were Debunked in 2018 A ... read more
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  • Feed 7 Different Species at the River Forest Farm’s ‘Bitcoin Cash Zoo’
    Back in October, members of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community discussed feeding chickens with mealworms over the internet from remote locations using BCH microtransactions. Now BCH users can provide food for horses, baby goats, roosters and more using River Forest Farm’s livestream and pay for feed using bitcoin cash. Also ... read more
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  • A Look at 2018’s Best and Worst Performing Cryptocurrencies
    With the dust all but settled on 2018, it’s time to reflect on the year’s best and worst performing cryptocurrencies. In the Best category, there are few standout candidates, with all major altcoins deeply mired in the red. The Worst category, however, is stocked with shockers, including coins that need ... read more
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  • List of Today’s and Tomorrow’s Upcoming Events
    I will be bringing you upcoming events/announcements every day. If you want improvements to this post, please mention /u/houseme in the comments. We will make improvements based on your feedback. | /r/kryptocal | Android | iOS | Telegram Interactive Bot (add cryptocalapp_bot) | Telegram Channel @kryptocal   ADD ... read more