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Swarm is the blockchain for private equity. We bring high-return alternative asset classes to everyone and use AI to continuously improve investments.
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Swarm Fund News:
  • Today, Github required me to log in with an account just to view search results in a public repository.
    So here's a rant. To the part of the Ethereum community who are neutral/friendly towards Microsoft: why do you maintain that cognitive dissonance? How many here have heard about Ethergit, the in-the-making effort to realize code collaboration and version management on top of Ethereum, using Swarm? How many here have ... read more
  • The Growth of Security Tokens in 2018
    2018 was meant to be the year of security tokens. The number of projects seeking to launch security token offerings (STOs) would mushroom, we were told, and a string of accredited trading venues would emerge where these instruments could be exchanged. The release of two new reports into the STO ... read more
    Bitcoin News11-14-2018