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Super Bitcoin is an experimental hard fork of Bitcoin, which is also an experimental digital currency. Super Bitcoin tries to implement, test, improve, and innovate features that Bitcoin society members have long proposed or requested, the results of which could in turn be valuable to Bitcoin itself.
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Super Bitcoin News:
  • Ethereum Denver: State of the Community
    “History doesn't repeat itself...but it often rhymes.” - Not Mark Twain That’s a pithy observation, isn’t it? While reports of Twain as its originator have been greatly exaggerated (there’s no evidence he ever said this), it does seem to jibe nicely with our understanding of how events unfold over time. ... read more
  • Polymath and the POLY token swindle
    As someone invested in the POLY token for a while and followed the project closely since December, I decided to make a post of how the Polymath team slowly backed away from the utility of the POLY token, robbing early buyers of the token to fund their (admittedly, very elegantly ... read more
  • Of Moonshots and Mushrooms: Let’s Get Beyond Technocratic Thinking
    The following opinion piece on Moonshots and Mushrooms was written by Max Borders, director of Social Evolution and author of The Social Singularity.  When John F. Kennedy was president, he planted a stark and powerful, technocratic image in the minds of Americans…I believe this nation should commit itself to achieving ... read more
    Bitcoin News09-21-2018
  • Ripple’s XRP Second Attempt to Take Over Ethereum’s (ETH) Position: 50.00% Gain 24-hours
    Rolling back only a week ago when Bitcoin BTC was plunging around $6,200, EthereumWorldNews covered a piece in which it was highlighted how a twitter user also crypto-enthusiasts believes that the bearish trend is over as the same -85% drop of 266 days occurred in 2014. Biggest decline in altcoin ... read more
    Ethereum World News09-21-2018
  • Robinhood Responds to Accusations of Favoring Wall Street over Its Users
    Seeking Alpha has published an exposé by Logan Kane regarding free stock and crypto trading smartphone application Robinhood. Mr. Kane alleges the company “takes from the millennial and gives to the high-frequency trader” by accepting payment for order flow and selling order data for “over ten times as much as other ... read more
    Bitcoin News09-21-2018
  • Weiss Ratings Backtracks After Tipping Ethereum to Beat Bitcoin
    Weiss, the financial ratings agency that recently took a shine to cryptocurrency, has caught flak over its latest claim. After Weiss Ratings issued a tweet predicting BTC to lose 50% of its market share to ETH, the firm was forced to backtrack in the face of widespread scorn. It’s not ... read more
    Bitcoin News09-20-2018
  • XRP, IOTA, NEO and Cardano are ‘Absolute Steals,’ Weiss Ratings says
    In a bearish market, the ability to distinguish between good and bad opportunities in the medium and long-term represents the difference between a good trader and a bad trader. For Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings, right now some excellent opportunities prove the high potential of blockchain technologies in the future. Generally Weiss ... read more
    Ethereum World News09-20-2018
  • Hybrid Exchange Introduces Cryptocurrency Trading with 40 Million Transactions Per Second
    Hybrid cryptocurrency exchange platform launches PoR consensus algorithm to make transactions instant while providing multi-layer protection and increased scalability. BEXAM leverages the perks of both centralized and decentralized systems to build a platform that could process up to 40 million transactions per second. Centralized vs. decentralized Two different systems lie ... read more
  • The Daily: Iran to Allow Mining Hardware Imports, Cyprus Creates Fintech Hub
    Following a decision to recognize mining as an industry, the Islamic Republic of Iran is about to legalize the import of mining equipment. Also in The Daily, an executive at a leading Spanish bank insists cryptocurrencies are “perfect” and must be understood; trying to better understand the crypto space, Cyprus ... read more
    Bitcoin News09-19-2018
  • Denmark’s Largest Bank Took Two Years to Close Accounts of Blacklisted Russian Clients
    Denmark’s largest bank, Danske Bank, reportedly knew that some of its Estonian branch’s clients were on the Russian government’s blacklist but did not close their accounts for two years. The bank is currently being probed by three countries over $150 billion money laundering allegations. Also read: 160 Crypto Exchanges Seek to ... read more
    Bitcoin News09-18-2018