Super Bitcoin (SBTC)
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Super Bitcoin is an experimental hard fork of Bitcoin, which is also an experimental digital currency. Super Bitcoin tries to implement, test, improve, and innovate features that Bitcoin society members have long proposed or requested, the results of which could in turn be valuable to Bitcoin itself.
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Super Bitcoin News:
  • South Korea’s Crypto Regulation Shakeup: New Bureau, Agreement With China
    South Korea’s top financial regulator is planning a major organizational restructuring that includes introducing some new crypto policy initiatives. A bureau dedicated to financial innovations that include cryptocurrencies is being set up. In addition, an agreement with Chinese authorities relating to crypto and initial coin offerings has also been reached. ... read more
    Bitcoin News07-22-2018
  • Some Crypto-Mining Operations Are Not What They Say They Are
    Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining has become a very competitive industry, and the amount of processing power hashing away to mine these digital assets is truly amazing. However over the years since the inception of GPU and ASIC mining, essentially when home mining turned into an industry, the cryptocurrency mining space ... read more
    Bitcoin News07-22-2018
  • New BATM Supporting BTC, BCH Launches in Sofia
    A crypto teller machine exchanging a number of cryptocurrencies with fiat, including bitcoin (BTC) and bitcoin cash (BCH), will be operational next week in a Sofia mall. The BATM is a two-way device that will accept euro, dollar and Bulgarian lev deposits. It will also buy cryptos and print paper ... read more
    Bitcoin News07-21-2018
  • Winklevoss Twins ‘donated’ $130,000 to New York Governor prior to License Granting
    It is no surprise that Gemini, the crypto exchange owned by the twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, was granted a DFS license for trade Zcash. The influence of the twins in the world of cryptos gives a seriousness and credibility to their businesses that make them a challenging competition to ... read more
    Ethereum World News07-20-2018
  • Ripple engineer says, InterLedger Protocol can “pay for a milliliter of beer”
    Ripple engineer Evan Schwartz, the Co-Creator of the InterLedger Protocol [ILP] and smart contract platform Codius, spoke at the CSAIL Initiative Launch Webcast recently. He elaborated upon the role that the InterLedger Protocol played in realizing the Internet of Value [IoV]. The Internet of Value is a vision for how ... read more
  • Value Investing- Slightly Shilly, Slightly Offtopic
    Value investing is, unless you are a super trader, the only practical way to invest. Value investing is looking at what something is currently valued as, and buying into it when its significantly undervalued based on it's business fundamentals. So I look at crypto that way. Let me give a ... read more
  • No Matter How You Slice It — Token Assets Are Coming to Bitcoin Cash
    Two more types of BCH tokenization projects have been announced on July 18, giving the BCH community a wider variety of different ideas that can bring forth the concept of representative tokens into reality on the Bitcoin Cash network. Also read: Powerful Cryptocurrency Firms on the Road Towards Becoming Banks ... read more
    Bitcoin News07-19-2018
  • Eastern Europe: Regulation Postponed, Tax Abandoned, Banks Enlightened
    Eastern European nations have been following closely regulatory developments in the West to better understand where the wind is blowing before addressing the challenges presented by cryptocurrencies. This strategy has proved fruitless, however, as developed western countries, and international organizations, have not been able to come up with a unified ... read more
    Bitcoin News07-18-2018
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Technical Analysis: BCH Smart Contracts Proposal Pumping Bulls
    There is a wave sweeping through the market, a rejuvenation tide and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is rising with it. On a weekly basis, it’s up 22 percent and trading above $850, our buy trigger with Bitcoin Cash bulls aiming for $1300 in the short term if not $1800. On the ... read more
  • China Round-Up: Bitmain, Canaan and Ebang Receive ‘Unicorn’ Valuations, Number of DLT Companies Explodes
    In recent cryptocurrency news from China, three cryptocurrency mining hardware manufacturers have been valued at more than $1 billion USD, Bitmain has supported the launch of a research center for digital financial assets at Tsinghua University, and more than 3,000 companies were found to have registered blockchain-themed business names during ... read more
    Bitcoin News07-18-2018