SUBSubstratum (SUB)
3.09481E-5 BTC
Market cap: $91,694,461 #104
An open-source network that allows anyone to allocate their spare computing resources to make the internet a free and fair place for the entire world.
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Substratum News:
  • Regarding “Throwback to This Fucking Gem”
    Someone linked to a three year old comment in /r/Bitcoin that stated the following: If successful, bitcoin changes pretty much everything! To understand bitcoin, you have to imagine a world where you can buy without a merchant, bet without a bookie, get insurance without an underwriter, access finance and loans ... read more
  • I have one question
    Majority of the ERC20 tokens are open source. Lets say “if” Substratum one day decideds to abandon the project, can a community person end up taking charge of the project without permission? Since it’s open source? Without forking. Like picking up the project without making a new token for ... read more
  • Ethereum [ETH] and Blockchain sets its tune in sync to empower music industry
    Joseph Lubin tweeted yesterday about Ujo Music, a platform that uses Ethereum Network to create a transparent and decentralized database. Lubin’s tweet registers how blockchain is empowering the music industry and is a meaningful collaboration that matters to musicians. Joseph Lubin’s tweet | Source: Twitter Ujo Music is a ConsenSys Spoke. This platform ... read more