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  • Cryptocurrency Exchange-Traded Product Live on Swiss Stock Exchange Next Week
    An exchange-traded product tracking an index of five leading cryptocurrencies reportedly will start trading on Switzerland’s Six stock exchange next week. The product will be available to both retail and institutional investors. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space Trading on Six Swiss Exchange The Financial Times reported ... read more
    Bitcoin News11-18-2018
  • AiBB: The Modern AI Trading tool
    AiBB is a modern trading bot with artificial intelligence support. In this case, the use of artificial intelligence is dictated by the desire of developers to provide their customers with a quality tool for market analysis. Now it will be really easy to invest in promising cryptocurrencies and other projects. ... read more
  • Are there any genuine Artificial Intelligence cryptos out there?
    I've been searching for a few but everyone I see is just using marketing speak. The only ones that meet the criteria for AI set out in Andreessen-Horowitz (coinbase investors) new AI manual for investors which says: Machine Learning refers to a broad set of computer science techniques that ... read more
  • More Crypto Exchanges Opening in Thailand, SEC Warns Approvals Needed
    A growing number of companies are entering the cryptocurrency space in Thailand. However, they have not applied for approval from the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), prompting the regulator to issue several warnings against unapproved operators. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space Companies Entering Thai Crypto ... read more
    Bitcoin News11-17-2018
  • Crisis: After $30 Billion Invested, Most Crypto ICOs Have Nothing to Show – Cryptocurrency
    submitted by /u/RightPromotion [link] [comments] ... read more
  • Research: ICO Performance In Q3 Was “Disappointing,” STOs To Outperform
    Research Paints Bearish Picture For ICO Market It goes without saying that initial coin offerings, better known as ICOs, haven’t performed well in 2018’s crypto market, which in and of itself has performed dismally in the eyes of optimistic speculators. Regardless, a recently-released report from ICO Rating, a leading crypto ... read more
    Ethereum World News11-17-2018
  • ICO meltdown TenX Pipedream / Useless token en By Larry
    I think it’s time to revisit TenX today. PAY token is now 93% from its all time high. People that bought during the ICO are now down ~30%. TenX is a company that never keeps the promises that it makes. an 10 months now. Since WaveCrest (card issuer) was cut ... read more
  • Opp Open WiFi To Share Profits With Investors –
    submitted by /u/kinazuki [link] [comments] ... read more
  • Bitcoin “Isn’t Boring”: Bloomberg Analyst Makes $1,500 BTC Call
    Crypto Investor On Bitcoin: “I Didn’t Sleep Well Last Night” “Bitcoin [is] no longer boring,” declared Bloomberg analysts/journalists Vildana Hajric and Olga Kharif in a recent piece on the crypto market. And, taking a look at the current state of cryptocurrency prices, it would appear that this is the case… ... read more
    Ethereum World News11-17-2018
  • ICO and Investment Opportunity
    Our ICO and Investment Opportunity With our ICO heading towards the final phase with only 32 days remaining, you still have a unique chance to get involved with our cause to build a global peer to peer WiFi Hotspot, and also to make a terrific return on your investment. With ... read more