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Blockchain-based social media platform where anyone can earn rewards by posting relevant content, curating quality content by upvoting and by holding Steem based currencies in a vest fund, which generates interest.
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  • ICOs Continue To Liquidate Ethereum (ETH) War Chests Amid “Crypto Winter”
    Since 2018’s cryptocurrency “winter” came into existence, tokens generated via initial coin offerings (ICOs) have severely underperformed their macro cap counterparts, namely Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). This has led a multitude of projects, who formerly relied upon their ICO-funded war chests, to take drastic measures in a bid to stay afloat. ... read more
  • Recent drop in crypto markets purportedly resulted in a decrease in fiat currency returns from the company’s automated STEEM token sales
    submitted by /u/JillianWarner [link] [comments] ... read more
  • Benchmark University Study Shines a Spotlight on Crypto Assets
    Judge Business School, a subsidiary of the University of Cambridge, has published its second annual report into the cryptoconomy. Its inaugural report surfaced in April 2017, just as crypto mania was exploding. A lot has happened in the ecosystem since then, and the school’s new 96-page report covers a good ... read more
    Bitcoin News12-13-2018
  • Crypto Jobs Get Squeezed as Markets Continue to Free-fall
    Crypto traders are not the only ones to suffer when prices plummet and markets crash. The wave of startups that emerged over the past year or so to ride the crypto train has also started to feel the pinch and downsize, or close up altogether. Crypto Startups Feeling the Pinch ... read more
  • Ethereum Studio ConsenSys to Trim Workforce amid Bear Market Woes
    Just as Steemit had done in the previous month, ConsenSys, the Ethereum-based studio, will be laying off about 13% of its total workforce as part of a move to ‘restructure’ the company. The company, which was founded by billionaire Joseph Lubin, co-founder and early investor in Ethereum, is now looking ... read more
  • Crypto Startups Going Bankrupt Amidst Market Crash
    Blockchain, Cryptocurrency–While investors are left holding the tab from the plummeting crypto market, with this week seeing a relative low for Bitcoin since peaking at $20,000 in December 2017, crypto-based startups have also had to contend with the fallout. On December 6, Bloomberg reported on a round-up of cryptocurrency startups ... read more
    Ethereum World News12-09-2018
  • CEO: Dash (DASH) To Survive Crypto Winter, “Not At Risk of Shutdown”
    Dash (DASH) “Not At Risk Of Shutdown” In Crypto Collapse In 2018’s crypto bear market, Dash Core Group (DCG), the consortium behind the DASH altcoin, has seemingly gone silent on a public stage, with there being little-to-zero propagation of news regarding the once much-hyped project. And as such, some skeptics ... read more
    Ethereum World News12-09-2018
  • Crypto Week In Review: SEC Delays Bitcoin ETF Ruling, Coinbase Lists Four Altcoins
    In a bear market-induced sense of panic, the crypto market at large has stopped responding to industry developments altogether, with the news of the past week coming in one ear, and out the other. Regardless, startups still seem hell-bent on bolstering this industry’s infrastructure. And, frankly, this unrelenting drive for ... read more
  • BCH App ‘Honest Cash’ Sees Significant Growth and Adds Native Wallet
    Social media platform Honest Cash has activated 200 new users and added a few new features, according to its creator Adrian Barwicki. reported on its initial launch during the last week of November, when the blogging platform started with the first 100 registrants. Also read: ‘Crypto Crisis’ Mining Simulator ... read more
    Bitcoin News12-08-2018
  • Excited about the LNTipBot
    This thing is fun, easy to use, spreads (lightning) adoption and gets r/bitcoin to match the idea of steemit: microdonations for content in crypto bitcoin. Nothing but upsides as far as I can see. As soon as this idea (bitcoin microdonations via lightning) spreads in a practical and usable way ... read more