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  • Crypto Week In Review: SEC Delays Bitcoin ETF Ruling, Coinbase Lists Four Altcoins
    In a bear market-induced sense of panic, the crypto market at large has stopped responding to industry developments altogether, with the news of the past week coming in one ear, and out the other. Regardless, startups still seem hell-bent on bolstering this industry’s infrastructure. And, frankly, this unrelenting drive for ... read more
  • Crypto Exchange Gemini Lists Bitcoin Cash with NYDFS Approval
    Crypto exchange Gemini has announced that it now supports trading and custody activities for Bitcoin Cash (BCH), effective this weekend, with full trading slated to begin on Monday. With the announcement, the exchange platform founded  by bitcoin billionaire twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss now supports five cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin (BTC), ... read more
  • Crypto, Bitcoin (BTC) Crash Just A “Bump In The Road”
    Diehards: Bitcoin (BTC), Crypto Slump Is Just A Bump Since Bitcoin (BTC)’s first day on the block, if you will, there have been a number of diehard decentralists that have seen immense value in the world’s first blockchain network. And while much has changed since the launch of the project, ... read more
    Ethereum World News12-08-2018
  • Ethereum Constantinople To Launch In Jan. 2019, ETH Surges 10%
    Ethereum Constantinople Blockchain Upgrade Nearing Activation As reported by Ethereum World News in early-October, after developing Constantinople for months, the Ethereum core development team decided to take the blockchain upgrade to the network’s Ropsten testnet. At the time, the developers believed that if the test succeeded, Constantinople, a protocol that ... read more
    Ethereum World News12-07-2018
  • XRP Ledger decentralization grows as Ripple controls less than 30% of validator nodes on the UNL
    Opinion: For long, the naysayers of the XRP Ledger have stated that the blockchain is centralized around Ripple, a company focused on solving for cross-border payments. Recently, however, the coin has achieved another level of decentralization, with only 27% of the validator nodes being controlled by Ripple on the default ... read more
  • Global Bitcoin ATM Growth Continues – Now More than 4,000
    Recent statistics by Coinatmradar reveal that Bitcoin ATMs globally have crossed the much touted 4,000 threshold. Bitcoin ATMs Surpass the 4,000 Mark According to Coinatmradar, the current number of Bitcoin ATMs globally is 4,060, a figure surpassing the 4,000 milestone. The number is a testament to the continuous growth of ... read more
    Ethereum World News12-06-2018
  • Binance to Hold Inaugural Blockchain Week in Singapore
    While the bears continue to pound the markets into the ground the builders and innovators of crypto and blockchain soldier on. Binance is one of those industry leaders and it has recently announced a week long blockchain conference in Singapore to showcase the technology. A Week Of Blockchain and Crypto ... read more
  • Institutions Still Bullish On Crypto: Grayscale Owns 1% of All Bitcoin
    As Bitcoin continues its chaotic price action, ceaselessly falling and ascending through key levels, some paranoid traders have feared that institutional investors have been alienated from the crypto market. Yet, reports indicate that Grayscale’s growing war chest has continued to swell, while institutional players continue to express interest in crypto ... read more
  • Hong Kong Blockchain Startup Hires China’s Bitcoin Evangelist After He “Quits”
    Although China has continued to relentlessly clamp down certain subsets of the crypto industry, the nation’s blockchain scene continues to swell at an unbridled pace, backed by hotshot entrepreneurs, billions in Renminbi (China’s currency), and world-renowned incubators and venture capital consortiums. Most recently, a notable Chinese blockchain startup hired a ... read more
  • Bitcoin [BTC] “going to 0” because of death spiral phenomenon allows for the appreciation of mining difficulty adjustments
    Opinion: Bitcoin [BTC] has long been hated by economists, as they believe that it is nothing more than a bubble. Now, in the depths of a rough bear market and declining hashrate, they have resorted to predicting the death spiral of the coin, with one professor of finance saying that ... read more