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A decentralized worldwide fog computer for any general purpose computing − from site hosting to scientific calculations.
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  • UK Police seizes 2 Million USD in BTC from Drugs Trafficker
    The Surrey County police department in the UK became the first in the country to confiscate more than 2 million dollars in Bitcoin (BTC), which they discovered after a careful investigation that lasted more than a one year. Porcedure Followed by the authorities. Courtesy Surrey PoliceAccording to information revealed by ... read more
    Ethereum World News07-20-2018
  • Is There Life Behind Bars? Silk Road Founder Ross Ulbricht is Now Online
    Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht is now on the Twitter platform. His profile has accumulated 5,488 followers in just 18 hours. Is there social life behind the prison gate? Definitely yes. Founder of the Silk Road, an online black market, Ross Ulbricht, now has a Twitter profile. His first tweet ... read more
  • Exereum – high-speed Ethereum based private blockchain
    The project features: Fair distribution No ICO: this is a fully non-commercial project with a technological research aim. The initial emission will be partly distributed via a fork among the Ethereum holders. A reserved share will be gradually distributed among the ERC-20 tokens holders. Capacity The fork is using a ... read more
  • You are the hat you wear. #LookAtMeImSamsonMow
    You are the hat you wear. #LookAtMeImSamsonMow ... read more
  • Four Types of Valuation Models
    "Have you heard of Bitcoin?" No doubt you have, and it's likely you've not only heard of it, but you've heard of it in the form of this question 100 times over the last year. In fact, second to any mention of Donald Trump, this question may be the most ... read more
  • Draft Regulating ‘Electronic Money’ Prepared in Romania
    A draft ordinance aiming to regulate the issuance of “electronic money” has been presented in Romania. The document authored by the Finance Ministry specifies the entities that can act as issuers and clarifies the conditions under which e-money can be emitted. While it does not specifically mention cryptocurrencies, some of ... read more
    Bitcoin News07-06-2018
  • No Insider Trading, Market Manipulation and Misleading Ads – Malta’s New Crypto Law
    Malta has enacted three bills into law on Wednesday that are meant to create a clear regulatory framework that will enable the establishment of cryptocurrency businesses on the island. A number of issues that can have an impact on traders and exchanges pop up when examining the new regulations. A ... read more
    Bitcoin News07-05-2018
  • Quantum Computing, Blockchain & Future Applications
    submitted by /u/nugget_alex [link] [comments] ... read more
  • Japan Court Sentenced Crypto Miner to One Year of Jail Time
    For the first time in history, a man was sent to prison for remote crypto mining. The historical event took place yesterday, 2 July, in Japan where the Sendai District Court ruled a sentence of one year in prison for a 24-year old person from the city of Amagasaki in ... read more
  • Japan Gives Jail Sentence to Crypto Miner in a Remote Mining Case
    A Japanese district court has, for the first time, sentenced a man to prison in a remote crypto mining case. The case follows the arrests of Coinhive users by the police in 10 prefectures. However, this case is different from previously discussed cases of mining cryptocurrencies using website visitors’ computers. ... read more
    Bitcoin News07-02-2018