Ruff (RUFF)
2.7215E-6 BTC
Market cap: $16,053,106 #233
As an architecture combining block chain and internet of things (IoT), Ruff Chain includes a public chain for development as well as a distributed operating system. It extends the point-to-point network and consensus mechanism from the virtual to real world, and promotes the motion of atomic flow by information flow. RUFF Tokens, validated by virtual currency contracts, are placed in the Ruff Chain; they are the standards for incentivizing, consuming, and trading in the Ruff Chain community.
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Ruff News:
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  • Ruff Cooperates with NXP to make IoT Application Development Easier
    The 2018, NXP Semiconductors Greater China MICR Partner Technology Exchange Conference was recently held in Suzhou. Ruff was invited to participate in the conference as an Internet of Things operating system provider. Together with NXP, Ruff promotes application development in IoT, enabling an underlying ecosystem that serves developers and suppliers, ... read more