RDDReddCoin (RDD)
5.347E-7 BTC
Market cap: $98,595,788 #60
The social currency that enriches people’s social lives and makes digital currency easy for the general public.
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ReddCoin News:
    Reddcoin’s main objective is to improve people’s social lives meaning it is a social coin. To make this a reality, Reddcoin can be seamlessly integrated with leading social media platforms as Reddit and Twitter to make the process of sending, receiving or withdrawing not only easy but rewarding for users. ... read more
  • Long story short: My crypto story
    Heard about BTC when it was 1 USD thanks to 4chan but never payed attention, saw it went to 1K and crash thinking it was the end of it. Bought a shitcoin named reddcoin forgot about it and left the space for a while. Somewhere in 2016 read about ETH ... read more
  • Cryptocurrency Market Update: Bitcoin Dominance Reaches New 2018 High
    FOMO Moments Altcoins are still suffering; Cardano, Nem and VeChain still dumping, Emercoin and Waves rising. There has been virtually no movement in the crypto markets over the past 24 hours. They are still thoroughly depressed and in their worst state for over a year. Total market capitalization is still ... read more
  • GoSeedIt Expands to Telegram, Allowing You To Tip Using Tron (TRX)
    Back in mid August, Ethereum World News had highlighted that the Tron Community members had taken upon themselves to raise awareness about their favorite coin of TRX and the corresponding project. The method the community was using, was by Tipping TRX on twitter via a new platform known as SeedIt ... read more
    Ethereum World News09-03-2018
  • Cryptocurrency Market Update: Bitcoin Cash Boosted on Stress Test Day
    FOMO Moments Sunday seeing further gains; Bitcoin Cash, Neo and Verge all performing solidly. That green feeling has continued over the weekend in crypto land as the recovery gains momentum. Market capitalization has climbed a little again pushing it over $235 billion, its highest level for over three weeks. Bitcoin ... read more
  • Cryptocurrency Market Update: Dogecoin Barking at The Moon
    FOMO Moments Markets recovering slowly; Dogecoin, EOS, Dash and Monero doing well. Things are looking brighter as we enter the weekend in crypto land. Green is across the board as markets head back over $230 billion and are poised for further gains. Bitcoin made it back across the $7k barrier ... read more