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RedCoin is a proof of work cryptocurrency launched in June of 2013.
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  • Brad Garlinghouse: If Ripple Shuts Down, XRP Will Continue to Trade
    The CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, recently sat down for an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with the company’s Senior VP of Marketing, Monica Long. The AMA discussion took place yesterday, Tuesday the 18th of December at 2:30 pm (PT). If Ripple Shuts Down, XRP Will Continue to Trade In ... read more
    Ethereum World News12-19-2018
  • Blythe Masters, Wall Street Veteran, Resigns from Blockchain Startup
    Blythe Masters is stepping down as chief executive officer of Digital Asset Holdings LLC after serving nearly four years to the blockchain software firm. The Wall Street Veteran, known for inventing credit default swaps, asserted via Digital Asset’s press release that she was quitting over personal reasons but will remain ... read more
  • How to Value Crypto Assets, Explains Willy Woo in New Theory
    Willy Woo on Monday laid out a “dry” theory that could evaluate the real value of crypto assets. The analyst and coder, known for innovative philosophies on cryptocurrencies, found that the fundamental valuation of a crypto asset is equal to the sum of its utility component and store-of-value component. Algebraically, ... read more
  • Altcoin Daily Preview: IOTA, Litecoin Post Impressive Gains. Crypto Winter Over?
    Latest IOTA News IOTA is in the forefront exploring and rolling out solutions for different use cases. After announcing Alpha and Omega—adopting a similar approach as that of Cardano which is perhaps the best way to structure long-term projects ensuring that existing business model is attached to innovation and development, ... read more
    Ethereum World News12-19-2018
  • BitTorrent Creator Aims to Kill Bitcoin with the Green Cryptocurrency “Chia”
    Known for inventing torrenting (BitTorrent) in the early noughties, Bram Cohen might also end up getting famous for an entirely different thing – solving the electricity wastage problem of bitcoin. Cohen’s newest creation, a cryptocurrency known as Chia which bills itself as ‘green money for a digital world’, is the ... read more
  • Ripple Price Analysis: XRP End-of-Sep Bulls are Back, Race to 80 Cents is On
    Latest Ripple News Ripple’s objective is to create this new web of value rivaling the expensive cross border settlement network, SWIFT in use by more than 11,000 banks. So far, Ripple has been to some degree victorious and as they ramp up, hiring engineering and striking important partnerships not only ... read more
    Ethereum World News12-19-2018
  • Crypto Markets Gain $20 Billion in 48 Hrs as Bitcoin (BTC) Tests $3,800
    48 hours ago and on the 17th of December, Crypto traders were certain that Bitcoin would drop a few hundred points in value as was the norm every Monday for the past few months due to the the current crypto bear market. This past Monday, BTC was trading at $3,200 ... read more
    Ethereum World News12-19-2018
  • Bitcoin History Part 5: A Wild Altcoin Appears
    It’s hard to imagine a time before cryptocurrency exchanges were stocked with hundreds of digital assets. A time before the pejorative “shitcoin” had been coined and there was no such metric as bitcoin dominance. But travel back to late 2010 and that’s exactly what you’d have found: a cryptosphere in ... read more
    Bitcoin News12-19-2018
  • Banks Are Not Using xRapid Due to Lack of Regulatory Clarity, Says Ripple
    Ripple head of banking Marjan Delatinne recently said that banks are reluctant to embrace the XRP-powered product xRapid due to lack of regulatory clarity. He gave reasons why non-financial institutions are more interested in using xRapid to process cross-border payments than banks. “Just to make clear, no banking institution is ... read more
  • Coinbase Gets Aggressive With Crypto Listing: Lists MakerDao, Golem, Zilliqa
    Amid an extended bear market, Coinbase has surprised Bitcoin maximalists and crypto asset diehards alike, recently listing a series of crypto assets seemingly out of left field. However, many pundits and commentators have deemed that the San Francisco-based company’s shift in strategy is illogical, as it goes against formerly-established principles. ... read more