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Project Coin News:
  • Coinbase Lists Ethereum-Based USDC, Circle Pulls Ahead In Stablecoin Race
    Coinbase Lists Circle-Backed Stablecoin After weeks of uncertainty regarding the financial security and future of the Tether (USDT) stablecoin project, an amassment of prominent crypto-centric startups released their own stablecoins, which are a form of cryptocurrency that is directly tied to the value of a non-blockchain-based asset. Boston-based Circle and the ... read more
    Ethereum World News10-23-2018
  • Ethereum [ETH] on the cusp of mass adoption; stated as the leading blockchain platform by an EY report
    The news of a wider adoption for Ethereum broke out recently in the cryptocurrency space. Here, the coin was announced to be accepted as a payment method by one of the biggest jewelers in the US, Marks Jewelers. The accessory retailer also announced the inclusion of several other cryptocurrencies, such ... read more
  • Circle’s USDC Stablecoin Added to Coinbase
    The global cryptocurrency exchange based out of San Francisco, Coinbase, has announced the firm will now support Circle’s USDC stablecoin on its exchange and brokerage service platforms. Coinbase believes that blockchain-based digital dollars like USDC provide many benefits to the cryptocurrency market ecosystem. Also read: Bitpay Announces Stablecoin Support for Merchant ... read more
    Bitcoin News10-23-2018
  • Ripple Co-Founder Invests in New Cryptocurrency from Digital Currency Pioneer David Chaum
    When historians set out to chronicle the development of cryptocurrency, one of the first chapters will profile DigiCash, the early digital currency startup which, decades before Bitcoin, almost fulfilled the dream of giving the internet a native currency. However, that project’s inventor, cryptography pioneer David Chaum, wants his name to ... read more
  • WinMiner: Bringing Cryptocurrency Mining to the Masses
    WinMiner takes away the hurdles and complexities of cryptocurrency mining and brings forward a comprehensive, easy-to-use platform which generates profits from your unused computer power. With an experienced team of established professionals, jointly responsible for over 1 billion installs of consumer applications, WinMiner introduces its one-of-a-kind token sale on the ... read more
  • Bitcoin [BTC] adoption takes leap forward as Square open-sources their custody solution
    Payment processing company Square recently announced that they would be open sourcing their cold storage system for securing their Bitcoin [BTC] holdings. This marks a significant step forward in pushing the adoption of Bitcoin, as custody solutions are widely considered one of the biggest pitfalls of cryptocurrency adoption. The company ... read more
  • Don’t STOP Believin’. 11 ICOs Taking The Midnight Train To Nowhere
    Same as every week, the Concourse Open Community is hard at work finding the most terrible projects on ConcourseQ and bringing them to you on Terrible Token Tuesday. The Concourse Open Community is also #buidling several interesting (non-terrible, we hope) projects in the space. Check out our Discord for more ... read more
  • EOS Ecosystem Ever Expanding as dApps Rise, But Price Still Sliding
    A recent tweet by has highlighted that the EOS ecosystem is expanding with an increasing number of blockchain companies using the EOS public blockchain for their projects. A graphic posted by shows several projects from various niches including Healthcare & Fitness, Voting & Governance, Data Services, Privacy & ... read more
  • Tron Exceeds Ethereum Daily Transaction Volume after Gambling dApp Launch
    The launch of Tron’s first large-scale decentralized application has pushed its daily transaction volume ahead of Ethereum’s for the first time. TRONbet, a provably-fair dice game, is one of the many gaming #dapps that are being built on the #TRON network. On the first day of the release, TRONbet was ... read more
  • The Death of Hype, Amara’s Law and the Crypto-Anarchist Dream
    The hype surrounding blockchain and cryptocurrency has simmered to a dull roar. Last December, the markets spiked as traders drooled over the thought of lining their pockets. They believed they would be billionaires. They had erotic dreams of lambos, mansions, hookers and blow. Many of them embraced a get-rich-quick, shit-brained ... read more
    Bitcoin News10-23-2018