Nuls (NULS)
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Market cap: $104,646,800 #93
Nuls is building a universal public block chain infranstructure and helping enterprises to deploy their decentralized applications on block chain and to improve credibility.
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Nuls News:
  • NULS partners with Bitmain for cross-chain development
    On 12th July, NULS, a global blockchain open-source project announced its partnership with Bitmain. Liesa Huang, the new CEO of NULS made the announcement during a conference held in Beijing. The partnership with this ‘biggest Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer’ focuses on the cross-chain development and other joint partnerships in the ... read more
  • 7990 transactions in a single 10 sec block on NULS
    submitted by /u/JohanBTC [link] [comments] ... read more
  • Shitpost “Investing” Experiment – UPDATE #4
    Hi All, I made a comment that I would buy $100 worth of each of the top 30 coins in this thread: I gave an update here: I gave another update here: I gave my 3rd update here: Please see below for my latest results (worst ... read more
  • Nuls Rank 100 on coinmarketcap, might be high for some of you but keep an eye on it.
    Main net july 12th, backing from chinese government, they have ties to Elastos (Elastos is a very reputable project with brilliant minds,) on binance already. 40 million circulating supply right now. Please read the yellow paper and white paper. If there was one blockchain that could hit 3 digits like ... read more