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  • President of Venezuelan Cryptocurrencies Association: Cryptos are “The Evolution of Money”
    The president of the Venezuelan Association of Cryptocurrencies “Asonacrip,” spoke on a radio show about his impressions of the potential that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies have for the evolution of the local economy. Venezuelan FlagHe also took the opportunity to explain the current situation in Venezuela regarding fundamental issues associated ... read more
    Ethereum World News08-19-2018
  • Second Hand Rigs Are Dumped as the Solo Mining Dream Dies
    In the summer of 2017, rising cryptocurrency prices led to a run on high performance graphics cards. Coveted cards with a high hashrate were snapped up like proverbial hot cakes, leaving gamers, scientific researchers, and anyone else who relied on flagship GPUs priced out as the cryptocurrency frenzy escalated. One ... read more
    Bitcoin News08-19-2018
  • Andreas Antonopoulos: A Bitcoin ETF is a “Terrible Idea”
    Andreas M. Antonopoulos, one of the most respected and active personalities within the Bitcoin ecosystem, shared his impressions this week regarding the consequences that an approval of a Bitcoin ETF could have for the crypto ecosystem. In his popular video series “Bitcoin Q&A”, Antonopoulos referred to the matter as a ... read more
    Ethereum World News08-19-2018
  • SHA-256 Mining Hashrate Climbs Significantly in One Year
    Over the last year, SHA-256 mining, the process that’s used to find blocks on both the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Core (BTC) networks, alongside a slew of other cryptocurrencies, has grown exponentially. Digital asset trading markets have been in a slump over the last eight months of 2018, but ... read more
    Bitcoin News08-19-2018
  • Crypto Week In Review: The Market Remains Tumultuous Even Amid Bullish News
    While investors entered this past week expecting for the crypto market to fall further, it has become apparent that the market has temporarily staved off a move lower. Whether this recovery was a result of positive fundamentals or just a “dead cat bounce” remains to be seen. Nonetheless, this week ... read more
  • Google Play’s Anti-Crypto Mining App Policy Hasn’t Seemed To Work
    While cryptocurrency mining has historically been a task completed by powerful desktop computers or ASICs, some innovative firms have decided to create applications that allow mobile devices to mine. These apps quickly garnered popularity in the cryptosphere, as users sought to accumulate a bit of crypto change through an easy-to-use, ... read more
    Ethereum World News08-19-2018
  • Monero [XMR]’s hashrate witnesses a massive breakdown
    According to Bitinfocharts, Monero [XMR], one of the top cryptocurrency in the market and popularly known as a privacy coin, has witnessed a significant decrease in hashrate ever since the hard fork. This has led to the whole Monero community rejoicing about the drop and an enthusiast claims that “Monero ... read more
  • Korea Roundup: Mongolian Government Visits Bithumb, New BTM, Hardware Wallet
    In South Korea, Bithumb was visited by officials of the Mongolian government. Upbit is offering free training leading up to its developer conference. A public company has unveiled a hardware wallet as it enters the crypto space. Meanwhile, hacked crypto exchange Coinrail has launched an international service for non-Korean customers, ... read more
    Bitcoin News08-18-2018
  • Wendy McElroy: The Jiu-Jitsu of Crypto – Personal Freedom vs Social Change
    The Satoshi Revolution: A Revolution of Rising Expectations Section 4: State Versus Society Chapter 9, Part 7 The Jiu-Jitsu of Crypto: Personal Freedom vs Social Change. It is often assumed that power derives from violence and can be controlled only by greater violence. Actually, power derives from sources in the ... read more
    Bitcoin News08-18-2018
  • Hawaiian Electric Utility Scam Threatens Disconnection Unless Bitcoin Bill is Paid
    It’s a case of an old scam in a new wineskin. Customers of electric utility companies in the state of Hawaii are being targeted by scammers who are relying on the relative anonymity offered by cryptocurrencies. The fraudsters are calling the customers of power firms that include Hawaii Electric Light, ... read more