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Market cap: $2,372,240,000 #12
NEO, formerly known as Antshares, is China's first ever open source blockchain. Founded in 2014, NEO’s mission has been to reinvent the way commerce is done.
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NEO News:
  • Binance Is Finally Going Forward With The VeChain (VEN) Token Swap
    Binance has just announced that it will be going forward with the upcoming VeChain [VEN] token swap, which has been in the works for months now. The VeChain Foundation took to Twitter to express its gratitude to the largest exchange in the world for being upfront with its support for the ... read more
    Ethereum World News07-19-2018
  • CobinHood Announces New Crypto-Fiat Trading Pairs
    The Cobinhood digital currency exchange has revealed that it will be adding new crypto-fiat pairs in an effort to get involved in a much wider sector of the cryptocurrency trading market. The company will enable trading operations between the US dollar and three digital coins namely: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) ... read more
  • Ethereum [ETH] based blockchain technologies may be the next internet: Circle CEO
    On 19th July, Jeremy Allaire, the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Circle has stated that blockchain and cryptocurrency would be as broadly adopted as the internet. He also went on to say that blockchain technologies built by Ethereum will act as a foundation for future applications. He remarked: “One ... read more
  • “There’s no need for cryptocurrencies”, says Billionaire investor
    On 18th July, during an interview with CNBC, Kenneth Griffin, an American investor and Hedge Fund Manager said that there is no need for cryptocurrencies. The Founder and CEO of Citadel, one of the largest alternative investment firms around the world said that he has not had a single portfolio ... read more
  • NEO Price Watch: Longer-Term Reversal Pattern?
    NEO Price Key Highlights NEO could be in for more gains as it forms an inverse head and shoulders on its 4-hour chart. Price has yet to break past the neckline around $40 to confirm the potential uptrend. Technical indicators are giving mixed signals at the moment, with oscillators suggesting ... read more
  • Trading Strategy – Using Elliott Wave, Stochastic, and Tom DeMark Sequential
    I'm just wondering if anyone had tried this strategy before. Using a combination of Stochastic and TD Sequential on the weekly chart to identify the potential start of an uptrend. So far, I have only used the Bar Replay feature on TradingView to back test a few different coins using ... read more
  • Mastercard Secures Patent To Close The Gap Between Credit Card Payments And Crypto
    On Tuesday, it was announced that Mastercard had just secured a patent that will allow for the financial services firm to link crypto assets and fiat bank accounts. Mastercard Wins Crypto-Related Patent CNBC recently reported that Mastercard now has a patent that will protect its proprietary method of building a ... read more
    Ethereum World News07-18-2018
  • Tron [TRX] and Zcoin [XZC] now on Ledger, integration based on “internal evaluation criteria”
    On 18th July, Ledger, a smartcard-based hardware wallet, announced that they are now supporting Zcoin [XZC], an open-source currency that provides financial privacy and Tron [TRX], a blockchain based operating system. Ledger hardware wallets are a series of multicurrency wallets that are used to store private keys for cryptocurrencies offline. Ledger’s ... read more
  • Robin Hood Movie and Robinhood App Hold $50k Crypto Scavenger Hunt at Comic-Con
    Lionsgate studio and Robinhood app have teamed up to give away $50,000 in a crypto scavenger hunt at the San Diego Comic-Con this week. This is to promote the studio’s upcoming Robin Hood movie. Attendees will search for coins, redeemable for $50, $500, $1,000, and $5,000, which can then be ... read more
    Bitcoin News07-18-2018
  • 5 Altcoins to Look Out For this Summer: NAGA, LTC, EOS, NEO and ADA
    After a prolonged crypto winter, the dog days of the altcoin summer are finally here — which means you might want to watch these five cryptocurrencies carefully. NAGA COIN (NGC) First on the list of cryptos to look out for this summer is NAGA COIN (NGC). NAGA COIN is the ... read more