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Market cap: $2,454,486 #517
Myriad is multi-algo - the first coin to implement 5 simultaneous hash functions.
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Myriad News:
  • What Caused Bitcoin to Drop to a New Yearly Low? Factors and Trends
    When optimists thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did. In the past 24 hours, after ranging between $3,800 and $4,200 for a week, Bitcoin (BTC) was suddenly subject to another spell of bear market fever, as the asset fell under $3,700, $3,600, and $3,500 in quick succession. BTC even ... read more
  • US Law Enforcement Wants Blockchain Surveillance Tools for Privacy Coins
    The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has published its 2019 fiscal year pre-solicitation document. Throughout the 27-page letter, the organization explains that it wants to dedicate resources toward creating blockchain forensic applications that can analyze privacy-centric digital asset movements. Prior efforts have addressed bitcoin analytics and now the agency ... read more
    Bitcoin News12-03-2018
  • An Alternative Client Has Mined Bitcoin Cash Block 558847
    On Saturday, Dec. 1, the Copernicus project announced the launch of its full node implementation pre-release written in the programming language Golang (Go). Following the release, the client was used to generate the first Golang version of a Bitcoin Cash block mined at height 558847. Also read: Intel Awarded a Patent ... read more
    Bitcoin News12-02-2018
  • Intel Awarded a Patent for an Energy Efficient Bitcoin Mining Process
    On Nov. 27, the world’s second-largest semiconductor chip maker, Intel, was granted a patent for a processing system that mines Bitcoin but utilizes more “energy-efficient hardware accelerators.” According to the patent called the “Optimized SHA256 Datapath,” the newly invented “high-performance” Bitcoin mining process could reduce overall power consumption by 15 ... read more
    Bitcoin News12-02-2018
  • New Bitcoin Cash Opcode Shows an Onchain Game of Chess is Possible
    Since the recent Bitcoin Cash (BCH) upgrade, the protocol now has some newly added features like the re-enabled opcode OP_Checkdatasig. After the implementation, a few developers have been experimenting with the opcode and have developed concepts such as “spending constraints.” Moreover, in another instance, a programmer recently used the opcode to ... read more
    Bitcoin News11-30-2018
  • The Difference Between Custodial and Noncustodial Cryptocurrency Services
    Since the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) fork occurred recently, it’s a good time to discuss the difference between custodial and noncustodial cryptocurrency services. Newcomers to the digital asset economy often get confused when they hear about a blockchain split and may wonder how they should handle the outcome. Individuals should note ... read more
    Bitcoin News11-29-2018
  • ICE CEO Unequivocally Sure That Crypto Will Succeed, Bitcoin Market Isn’t Worrying
    Crypto Will Unequivocally Survive… Market Isn’t Worrying Surprisingly, amid one of the worst Bitcoin corrections in its decade-long history, a number of commentators and investors, from the traditional, venture, and crypto realms alike, have come out in full support of this asset class and ground-breaking innovation. The most recent of ... read more
    Ethereum World News11-28-2018
  • Ethereum’s Buterin: Blockchain Piggy-backing Causing “Wasted Time”
    Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Ethereum (ETH)–Despite the falling price of cryptocurrency, which has a hit a new low for the year as Bitcoin slips to $3700, the drive for companies to integrate blockchain into their services is still alive and strong. However, the misappropriation and misaligned focus of pursuing blockchain has ... read more
    Ethereum World News11-26-2018