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Loom Network News:
  • Crypto Week In Review: Bitcoin ETP Launches In Switzerland, KuCoin Scores $20M
    Unfortunately, as cryptocurrencies capitulated throughout the week, losing upwards of 15-20% of their value, so did the news cycle. However, it isn’t all doom and gloom, as there were still a handful of developments indicating that the crypto and blockchain industry is far from dead in the water. Amun Launches ... read more
  • Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork: Hashwar Continues, ABC and SV Remain At Odds
    The Hashwar: The Block Gap Starts To Close Now that November 15th has passed, all eyes have been glued to Crypto Twitter and websites regarding the Bitcoin Cash contentious hard fork/network upgrade, as it has yet to be determined whether Roger Ver, Jihan Wu, and their compatriots (Bitcoin ABC) have ... read more
    Ethereum World News11-17-2018
  • Pantera CEO: Bitcoin (BTC) Is A “Serial Killer,” Crypto To Reach Global Adoption
    Despite Crypto Market Dump, Pantera’s Morehead Bullish On Bitcoin Bitcoin has long been touted as a viable alternative to centralized banking systems. As recently put by, Dan Morehead, the CEO at San Francisco-based Pantera Capital, in a Business News Network (Bloomberg) interview, Bitcoin isn’t just a “category killer,” but a “serial ... read more
    Ethereum World News11-17-2018
  • TRON (TRX) Launching Million Dollar Program to Accelerate Cryptocurrency Projects
    Cryptocurrency, TRON (TRX)–Despite the doom and gloom surrounding the falling crypto market, as prices for Bitcoin and most of the altcoin market reach their relative low for 2018, one currency has managed to find ways to ignite some excitement in the industry of cryptocurrency and blockchain. TRON, the eleventh ... read more
    Ethereum World News11-16-2018
  • Web Giants Censor Bitchute and Bloom
    Another week, another slew of projects banned by major web platforms. Paypal has ejected Bitchute, a Youtube competitor that champions free speech, while Facebook has banned ad campaigns by Bloom that promoted a rival service. The deplatforming of these projects has reinforced the case for censorship-resistant platforms. Also read: Miner Abandons ... read more
    Bitcoin News11-16-2018
  • Tumultuous Crypto Market: Bitcoin Market Cap Finds YTD Low Under $100 Billion
    After remaining stagnant at $6,400 for the better part of a season, Bitcoin (BTC) finally saw an awakening on Wednesday, as the now-1o-year-old crypto asset saw an influx of trading pressure. However, as many feared, this awakening, while powerful in its own right, wasn’t the one that many optimistic crypto investors ... read more
  • Loom Network announces the first 4 validators on PlasmaChain
    submitted by /u/jamesmduffy [link] [comments] ... read more
  • Crypto Markets Continue To Toss And Turn: XRP and Ethereum (ETH) In Standoff
    Crypto Still On Shaky Ground As reported by Ethereum World News on Wednesday, straight out of left field, Bitcoin (BTC) and its altcoin brethren tumbled, losing upwards of a dozen percent of their values in a few hours time. Within hours, the volume seen on BTC pairs reached multi-month highs, ... read more
    Ethereum World News11-14-2018
  • Ripple’s XRP Overtakes Ethereum ETH Second Position Amidst Market Plunge
    XRP USD Upon Bitcoin‘s [BTC] drop below the yearly lowest, the market follows and deep dives in the red leaving many HODLers speechless as the anticipated breakout went the wrong way. Among all leading coins which are experiencing double digit drops, the speedy XRP is only 8.00% in the red for ... read more
    Ethereum World News11-14-2018
  • Fork Watch: Disputed Consensus and an Abundance of Game Theory
    In less than 24 hours the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network will be facing a hard fork involving consensus changes that are currently disputed and may lead to a blockchain split. Two development teams have proposed different paths for the Nov. 15 upgrade and the clashing BCH reference implementations will be ... read more
    Bitcoin News11-14-2018