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Internal Exchange Coin News:

  • Thailand Stock Exchange Applies for Digital License for Crypto Trading
    Thailand is rapidly becoming one of the most crypto friendly nations in Southeast Asia despite still being in the grips of a military dictatorship. The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) has plans to apply for a digital license which will enable it to operate a cryptocurrency exchange. Thai Bourse Eyes ... read more
  • Ethereum Consensus Shift Could Delay Any Derivatives Products
    The biggest thing on the launch pad this year is the Bakkt crypto exchange which is currently in a holding pattern while US government employees twiddle their thumbs during Trump’s shutdown. Several other contenders are hopeful about Ethereum futures but according to one crypto exchange boss they are unlikely to ... read more
  • Crypto Market Wrap: Binance Coin Buoyed By New Fiat Exchange
    Market Wrap Crypto markets haven’t done much over the past 24 hours, the top ten is flat, Cardano and Binance Coin gaining slightly. There has been very little movement in crypto markets over the past 24 hours. No further dumps have been initiated which has kept total market capitalization just ... read more
  • Ledger wallet store continues to use Bitpay despite repeated outcries by community users
    One of the poster boys/innovator of bitcoin community Ledger has been adamant to keep using Bitpay. This inspite of letting them know of options/alternatives by the community for the last one year Thread1, Thread2 and Thread3. Sad to see big bitcoin company like ledger cannot setup their own node/systems ... read more
  • GOLDFUND ICO is announce that Revolution Metals Ltd have joined as Gold Production partners, and the ZOMIA Gold Exchange of GFUN Tokens.
    GoldFund ICO i purchase 10000GFUND coins for $85 and received 24K Gold Plated Coin by Mail!! 1GFUND = $0.01 Coin paired with Gold price!! Internal Exchange start!! Price cannot go below 1cent!! ​ ​ ​ submitted by /u/serzsyrov [link] [comments] ... read more
  • Controversial TenX Responds to Outrage, Crypto Community Not Happy
    A crypto startup that raised close to $80 million in a 2017’s ICO funding has come in the midst of a controversy. Singapore-based crypto-wallet TenX is facing accusations of insider trading after its co-founder and now-former CEO Julian Hosp allegedly dumped $2.2 million worth of PAY tokens. An internal management ... read more
  • Japanese Regulator Clarifies Stance on Bitcoin ETFs and Derivatives
    Japan’s top financial regulator has clarified to its stance on bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), cryptocurrency derivatives, and upcoming regulatory changes. This follows reports that the agency may be considering approving an ETF that tracks cryptocurrencies. Also read: Indian Supreme Court Moves Crypto Hearing, Community Calls for Positive Regulations Bitcoin ETFs ... read more
    Bitcoin News01-13-2019
  • Japan Approves 17th Cryptocurrency Exchange – Its First in Over a Year
    It has been over a year since Japan’s Financial Services Agency last approved a cryptocurrency exchange to legally operate in the country. Coincheck, which was hacked early last year, has become the 17th fully-registered crypto exchange in the country. The exchange has made numerous improvements after it was acquired by ... read more
    Bitcoin News01-11-2019
  • Venezulean government decrees crypto operators to pay taxes in cryptocurrency
    On Monday, the Venezuelan government published the official gazette No. 6,420 dated December 28, which contains a decree No. 3,719 that points towards new tax payment rules for cryptocurrency users, reported Dinero publication stated that: “The government of President Nicolás Maduro published a decree that will require taxpayers who ... read more
  • Venezuela Decrees Crypto Operators Must Pay Taxes in Cryptocurrencies
    The Venezuelan government has published a decree requiring taxpayers with crypto operations in the country to pay their taxes in cryptocurrencies. Similarly, operators of foreign currencies must pay their taxes in those currencies. The decree states that the change is necessary for the “strengthening of the current fiscal regime.” Also read: Indian ... read more
    Bitcoin News01-08-2019