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An end-to-end encrypted communications & payment platform with zero-knowledge tech, backed by an open-source community.
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Horizen News:
  • The Value of Uncensorable Technology in an Age of Censorship
    Governments and corporations have deployed censorship to limit speech and deprive people of vital communication channels. The ruling elite are trying to shush activists and freethinkers, but they are losing control and lashing out in frustration. This is why the emergence of decentralized tools and uncensorable money is more vital ... read more
    Bitcoin News10-16-2018
  • UK Cloud Mining Service Argo Offers Bitcoin Mining at the Touch of a Button
    London-based cloud mining firm Argo has announced that it will allow its users to mine Bitcoin using its rapidly growing platform. The number one digital currency by market capitalisation will be included next to a host of other popular cryptos from early next month. Argo to Include Bitcoin as Part of ... read more
  • The Daily: Circle Launches New Research Portal and Trading Apps
    Some editions of The Daily are so overflowing with news there simply isn’t time for a cleverly worded introduction. So without further ado, here’s what’s coming up in this installment: Circle has launched a string of new initiatives, including a research portal and the Poloniex mobile app, Roger Ver’s comments ... read more
    Bitcoin News10-10-2018
  • Pornhub Subscribers Soft On Paying with Cryptocurrencies
    Pornhub disclosed that “less than 1 percent of purchases [are] made” on the adult website with supported cryptocurrencies. The site started with the option to pay with Verge (XVG) in April 2018, as CCN reported. Pornhub then opened support for Tron and ZenCash (which has since been renamed to Horizen) ... read more
  • Pornhub’s Crypto Integration Of Verge (XVG), Tron (TRX) Met With Mixed Results
    Only 1% Of Users Use Crypto To Buy Pornhub Subscriptions The months-long Pornhub-Crypto saga has continued, with the Montreal-based pornography giant recently revealing that the crypto payment option hasn’t garnered a substantial amount of support, to the dismay of many advocates of this up and coming technology. For those who ... read more
    Ethereum World News09-28-2018