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Earth Token News:
  • 90% of Monero Mined Ahead of Tail Emission in 2022, Big Milestone?
    Despite being in a bearish cycle this year, privacy coin Monero (XMR) is looking stronger on the demand front on a long-term basis. According to, an XMR chain explorer, miners have already mined 16,644,199 units against the total supply of 18.4 million XMR. The unearthing is scheduled to continue until ... read more
  • Two Crypto Companies Temporarily Suspended by Italy’s Market Regulator
    CONSOB has halted for 90 days the Italian services of the Bitsurge Token and Project Crypto Green Earth. ... read more
  • ICOs Continue To Liquidate Ethereum (ETH) War Chests Amid “Crypto Winter”
    Since 2018’s cryptocurrency “winter” came into existence, tokens generated via initial coin offerings (ICOs) have severely underperformed their macro cap counterparts, namely Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). This has led a multitude of projects, who formerly relied upon their ICO-funded war chests, to take drastic measures in a bid to stay afloat. ... read more
  • Facebook Blockchain Arm Booms, Even Amid Crypto Bear Market
    Just months ago, David Marcus, the former president of fintech giant Paypal, was appointed as the inaugural head of Facebook Blockchain, the social media giant’s first stab at so-called “internet 3.0” innovation. But since Marcus’ appointment, many have been puzzled, as Facebook’s blockchain division has seemingly disappeared off the face of ... read more
  • Ripple Partners With Israel’s Largest Financial Services Firm GMT. AkBAnk Successfully Starts Using It
    Ripple’s expansion remains unstoppable and has now the company behind XRP managed to conquer Israeli territory after closing a significant deal with GMT in an effort to boost the financial industry in the region and consolidate Ripple’s domination of the market. According to a public announcement published by GMT, both ... read more
    Ethereum World News12-15-2018
  • Bitconnect (BCC) Is A Zombie Shitcoin, Since It Still Exists After Epic USD 2.7 Billion Collapse
    ​ After intense scientific research, the experts at GenesisBlockNews have discovered a new type of shitcoin: the zombie shitcoin. The definition of a zombie shitcoin is a shitcoin that already totally died, but somehow continues to have trading activity and a value. Bitconnect (BCC) is ... read more
  • I had the Whiteblock Team who wrote the EOS report on the Podcast!
    Zak, Nate and Daniel: Three Months of Heavy Analysis Unearthed Serious Issues With EOS ​ submitted by /u/Toms119 [link] [comments] ... read more
  • Philippine Crypto Valley to Attract Companies From Japan, Korea and Australia
    The Philippine government-owned Cagayan Economic Zone Authority has unveiled a plan to attract Japanese, Korean and Australian companies to its “Crypto Valley of Asia.” The authority is also cracking down on crypto companies operating within its economic zone without a license. Also read: Indian Supreme Court Moves Crypto Hearing, Community Calls ... read more
    Bitcoin News11-26-2018
  • UK’s FCA Investigates 50 Firms Suspected of Unlicensed Crypto Operations
    The number of complaints relating to crypto assets received by the U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has risen sharply during the 2018 bear market. FCA Currently Investigating 50 Cryptocurrency Firms People rarely call foul play during a bull market. When the charts are all green, who really cares if a ... read more
  • You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?
    You may remember me from 2 years ago, when Ethereum was selling for 7 USD and officially dead. That motivated me to submit a lengthy explanation on how it was the future of the internet, the price would eventually recover and there was nothing to worry about. Turns out Ethereum ... read more