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Distributed Credit Chain News:
  • Blockchain Technology Can Solve User Data Privacy Issues
    Lucy Wang believes that blockchain technology holds the key to the actualization of robust data security for the digital landscape. The Lambda co-founder made the call recently while talking about the recent Marriott Hotel data breach. Data Breaches Aplenty Breaches that end up compromising user data aren’t a new phenomenon ... read more
    Ethereum World News12-17-2018
  • GP Bullhound sees 2019 bitcoin recovery, credit market crash may help too
    Predictions from respected corners of the mainstream financial world – GP Bullhound and Saxo Bank – could be good news for the crypto industry and its status as a valid and profitable asset class. US advisory and investment firm, GP Bullhound (GPB), under the subhead “Cryptocurrency will Grow Up”, concurs ... read more
    Ethereum World News12-16-2018
  • Bitcoin has failed to recover ever since its first crash after ATH which was caused by the Mt. Gox sell-off
    Since Bitcoin [BTC] and other cryptocurrencies touched their all-time high, they have been facing the wrath of the bear. Moreover, the bear started its rampage in the month of November, post which all the cryptocurrencies were seen bleeding in double digits almost on a daily basis. This includes all the ... read more
  • Onegold Customers Can Now Purchase Digital Bullion With Bitcoin
    Online bullion marketplace Onegold announced on Tuesday that its customers can now purchase precious metals with bitcoin cash (BCH) and bitcoin core (BTC). Onegold’s digital silver and gold products are fully allocated physical metals stored at the Royal Canadian Mint and can be redeemed at any time through Apmex. Also read: Only ... read more
    Bitcoin News12-11-2018
  • Crypto Banks – The Need of the Hour
    Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity. The underlying technology, blockchain, is being used for various applications. One of the biggest potential applications will be in the banking sector. Banks are archaic and blockchain is ready to disrupt the mammoth sector with innovative solutions that bring efficiency and transparency in operations as well ... read more
  • EOSBet acquires Master Gambling License; becomes first on-chain blockchain casino
    EOSBet, a popular decentralized gambling application, announced on Friday that it secured accreditation from Curacao, which in itself is one of the world’s oldest online gambling regulators. Curacao is one of the handful of companies to be granted a Master Gambling License from the State’s Ministry of Justice, reported Cryptovest. ... read more
  • Zero Fees and Interest-free Loans in Decentralized Credit Networks
    Blockchain can disrupt the traditional banking industry, enabling new business models, and making the traditional financial infrastructure more efficient. Decentralized financial networks are based on smart contracts and P2P services which replace banks as a trusted party. Systems and solutions like GEO Protocol have the potential to fully reshape the ... read more
  • iCumulate aims to make the crypto experience simple and social
    There are always a few questions when a new project is launched. Some of the questions could be about the project addressing real-life problems, while others might pertain to sustainability and usability of the solution to the customers. But, most importantly, the question that strikes investors the most is if ... read more
  • Genesis Vision building the future of asset management with blockchain
    Lack of trust is one of the main problems the traditional asset management system is currently facing. Investors have practically no control over where their funds go, and often no guarantee that they will receive profit or even get the initial deposit back. Сonfronted with lack of transparency and inefficiency ... read more
  • Wendy McElroy: How the Blockchain Provides Private Justice
    The Satoshi Revolution: A Revolution of Rising Expectations Section 5: Saving the World Through Anarchism Chapter 11, Part 6 How the Blockchain Provides Private Justice The key to…an anarcho-capitalist court system is found in the concept of a “personal judiciary”. [Acting as your own judge.]…The courts’ purpose is to enable ... read more
    Bitcoin News11-24-2018