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DACC News:
  • Hotbit will launch DACC (Decentralized Accessible Content Chain) on December 14th
    submitted by /u/tosindesign1 [link] [comments] ... read more
  • Now You Can Trade DACC Token On HotBit Exchange
    HOTBIT TRADING COMPETITION: Surprise 1: Deposit DACC and Claim 12,850,000 DACC Time: from 15:00, December 12th to 15:00, December 15th (UTC+8) Any user who deposit 1000 DACC will receive 5DACC as reward. Every user can claim as much as 55,000 DACC as reward. The rewards will be distributed in real ... read more
  • DACC Will Be Listed on 3 Exchanges This week
    ​ DACC will be listed on #Bgogo Exchange in 10th DEC & DACC will be listed on #Hotbit Exchange in 13th DEC #Blockchain ​ ​ Dont forget you can also get DACC token from any of the following exchanges DCE – Check here Ddex – Check here ... read more
  • Schedule For December For DACC Blockchain Platform
    🕚DACC Schedule in December🕚 5th Dec DACC listing on ABCC ( 10th Dec DACC llisting on Bgogo 12th Dec DACC listing on Hotbit 17th Dec DACC listing on Bitget More exchange will be on #DACC #Blockchain #Coinmarketcap #DACCBlockchain #Ethereum #cryptocurrency submitted by /u/capable_uwa [link] [comments] ... read more
  • DACC Bitforex Trading Contest Date Announce
    DACC Trading Contest with 36,000,000 DACC to Giveaway 🎉🎉🎉Trading on Bitforex, share 36,000,000 DACC🎊🎊🎊 Please click here ( for more info. #DACC #BLOCKCHAIN #cryptocurrency #DACCBlockchain submitted by /u/capable_uwa [link] [comments] ... read more
  • More Information About DACC New Exchange And Trading Competition
    It is no longer a surprise that #DACC is a Revolutionary Blockchain Platform. Hence, #ABCC list DACC. Take note, New Trading Competition will start in #Bitforex. DACC will be listed on #Bgogo Exchange in 10th DEC & DACC will be listed on #Hotbit Exchange in 13th DEC #Blockchain. ... read more
  • DACC Announces ABCC Exchange
    It is a Great Pleasure to announce that DACC will increase the number of exchanges in the month of December. Officially, ABCC exchange is already confirmed and listing will be happening soon. This is the first step to success put forward by the team to expand the community ... read more
  • Not promising year 2019(
    submitted by /u/AERGOMAN [link] [comments] ... read more
  • Where can I get the historical weights for the Crypto20
    As of February 14th, 2018, CRYPTO20’s portfolio consists of: Ripple- 9.8% Bitcoin- 9.6% Ethereum- 9.6% Bitcoin Cash- 9.5% Litecoin- 9.1% Cardano- 7.7% Stellar- 6.1% Neo – 5.9% EOS – 4.7% Iota- 4.1% Dash- 3.9% NEM- 3.6% Monero- 3.1% Lisk- 2.6% Ethereum Classic- 2.4% Tron- 2.1% Qtum- 1.8% VeChain- 1.7% Bitcoin ... read more
    WHERE CAN I GET DACC TOKEN? ​ DACC Token is available on the following exchanges: Kucoin DACC/ETH Kucoin DACC/BTC BitForex DACC/ETH CoinEx DACC/BTC CoinEx DACC/ETH CoinEx DACC/BCH IDEX DACC/ETH DDEX DACC/ETH CoinMarketCap URL: ​ For More Information, Kindly ... read more