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    Bringing blockchain to the mainstream with high-speed, low-cost transactions supported by IBM Cloud "Credits and IBM cloud plan to create new IoT models using Credits blockchain technology and integrate it with the IBM Watson IoT Platform and IBM Cloud infrastructure. The solutions will ensure that only data owners or authorized ... read more
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  • Elaborated scam Sirin Labs and its CEO Hogeg Moshe being investigated for multiple frauds
    27 November 2018 Sirin Labs raised $158 million in an ICO last year. Today their CEO said that they have enough funds for 6-12 months and that they are pivoting from smarphones to software. How much did they spend for the partnership with Lionel Messi? How much on lambos? ... read more
  • Bitcoin Can’t Fall To $0 Nor Enter A “Death Spiral” — Mining Rules Deem It So
    As BTC capitulated on Thursday evening, falling under a handful of purported key support levels, a number of bearish commentators, including Nouriel “Dr. Doom” Roubini and Bloomberg’s Mike McGlone, doubled down on their sentiment that cryptocurrencies would continue to disintegrate. A number of cynics, who are often berated for their improper ... read more
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  • Ivan on Tech – Credits is no longer a scam
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  • Ivan on Tech changes his opinion about Credits
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  • Ivan on Tech – Credits is LEGIT
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  • New addition to Cryptogaming society. New Token to trade.
    Well, guys, we all should accept the fact that combination of gaming and blockchain technology is a genius idea. More and more platforms and games are introduced recently, despite the turndown of cryptomarket (which is I believe temporary) . Immersion of crypto and gaming, brings new wave into ... read more
  • The first platform to get mass adoption.
    I guess most of you have already heard about this “scam” project with enormous claims - Credits Blockchain Platform. I want to give you an objective review of this project. I don’t deny that I am a holder and will try to explain exact reasons why this coin has good ... read more