Bitcoin Fast (bcf)
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Market cap: $89,904 #1461
BitcoinFast is a Scrypt-based hybrid cryptocurrency originally launched in June of 2017.
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Bitcoin Fast News:
  • Report: Swiss City of Zug Named Fastest Growing Tech Hub in Europe
    The city of Zug, home of the Swiss Crypto Valley, has been named the fastest growing technology community in Europe. Zug ranked atop the “State of European Tech” report by London-based global investment firm Atomico last week, on the strength of its year-on-year growth of attendees to tech-related meetup events. ... read more
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    In a bear market-induced sense of panic, the crypto market at large has stopped responding to industry developments altogether, with the news of the past week coming in one ear, and out the other. Regardless, startups still seem hell-bent on bolstering this industry’s infrastructure. And, frankly, this unrelenting drive for ... read more
  • Ripple SVP introduces new member to UBRI community; blockchain use cases under exploration
    Asheesh Birla, the Senior Vice President, Product at Ripple posted a tweet today regarding the mention of Ripple and use cases of the blockchain in Kevin Warten’s new book – The Blockchain and the New Architecture of Trust. Here, Birla stated Warten as a member of the University Blockchain Research Initiative ... read more
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Temporarily Overtakes BSV After Gemini Listing
    Gemini Adds Bitcoin Cash Support Starting today, users of the U.S.-regulated, Winklevoss Twins-headed Gemini platform will be able to deposit Bitcoin Cash (BCH), the chain backed by the ABC client. This development comes via an official statement from the New York-based company, issued through Medium on Thursday morning. We are ... read more
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  • Almost 1 of Every 3 Freelancers Would Accept Cryptocurrencies as Payment
    The use and adoption of cryptocurrencies have boosted the economic activity of many entrepreneurs, connecting people throughout the world without the obstacles that exist due to the traditional fiat system. One of the segments that has benefited most from cryptocurrencies is that of freelance workers, for whom now it is ... read more
    Ethereum World News12-08-2018
  • Binance CEO Says Crypto Market Will Recover Faster Than NASDAQ
    The dramatic rise of Bitcoin in 2017 had many naysayers calling it one of the biggest speculative manias in history. So far in 2018, Bitcoin has dipped almost 90 percent after soaring more than 1300 percent last year. Needless to say, the currency’s recent crash may help cement its place ... read more
  • 75% of Bitcoin SV [BSV] hashrate is contained in 4 nodes, double-spending 0-conf transactions possible, discovers programmer
    Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision [BSV] has been in the news recently due to its inflated price growth over the past week. However, a programmer and computer security researcher is known as Reizu recently found that, among other things, it is possible to double spend a zero-confirmation transaction on the BSV chain. ... read more
  • Mining in the bear market made easy, fast and cheap with MinerGate
    With the bear market reaching its exhaustion point, many cryptocurrency enthusiasts are looking to accumulate digital assets at the lowest prices they have been all year. This can be seen as a move to increase the overall value of their portfolios, maximizing gains when the market moves upwards. However, there ... read more
  • Crypto Banks – The Need of the Hour
    Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity. The underlying technology, blockchain, is being used for various applications. One of the biggest potential applications will be in the banking sector. Banks are archaic and blockchain is ready to disrupt the mammoth sector with innovative solutions that bring efficiency and transparency in operations as well ... read more
  • Ethereum Constantinople To Launch In Jan. 2019, ETH Surges 10%
    Ethereum Constantinople Blockchain Upgrade Nearing Activation As reported by Ethereum World News in early-October, after developing Constantinople for months, the Ethereum core development team decided to take the blockchain upgrade to the network’s Ropsten testnet. At the time, the developers believed that if the test succeeded, Constantinople, a protocol that ... read more
    Ethereum World News12-07-2018