Bitcoin DiamondBitcoin Diamond (bcd)
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Market cap: $105,988,286 #39
Bitcoin Diamond-Improving privacy and speeding up transaction processing on the basis of Bitcoin protocol.
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  • Venezuelans Remain Skeptical After President Maduro Raises Petro’s Value
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  • Bitcoin Diamond Review: Is BCD a Better Version of BTC?
    On November 24, 2017, Bitcoin Diamond occurred and had somewhat taken the crypto world by storm. Till this day, Bitcoin Diamond has remained one of the most controversial hard forks of Bitcoin. What is Bitcoin Diamond? Created by a small group of anonymous developers from Singapore, Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) markets ... read more
  • The Petro Is An ICO Scam, Hyperinflation Continues In Venezuela Unchecked
    ​ The cryptocurrency that is supposed to be backed by petroleum, gold, iron, and diamonds as well as the first cryptocurrency created by a government appears to be just a big ICO scam. There is no sign that the Petro actually exists. Currently the Venezuelan government ... read more
  • Top 100 coins sorted by % from their ATH
    Source:   Sorting/formating by yours truly (this took me way longer than it should have...)   Rank Name Current Price ATH price ATH date % from ATH 24h volume 89 Aion $0.14833 $11.51 "07/01/2018 -98.71% $3,684,788 32 Bitcoin Diamond $0.99004 $76.45 "26/12/2017 -98.70% $1,770,172 100 Loopring $0.04352 $2.59 "09/01/2018 ... read more
  • Nagezeni to raffle off Lamborghini in contest starting from December 3, 2018
    The Japanese Nagezeni project is thrilled to announce a tremendous New Year trading contest in partnership with CoinSuper exchange. Users will get a unique chance to win Lamborghini Huracan Coupe, premium watches and 160.5 ETH in total. The contest will last for 14 days, from December 3 at 11:00 [GMT+8] ... read more
  • Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta: Results of the large event on crypto island
    On October 23, the international company Smile-Expo conducted the second Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta. Crypto meeting has become the 50th anniversary event of the company’s blockchain series and has been visited by the CEO of Malta Digital Innovation Authority – the main blockchain regulator in the country. Speakers and ... read more
  • Fine Jewelry Dealer Birks Group Now Accepts Bitcoin
    On Tuesday, Canadian company Birks Group, a fine jewelry operation since 1879, announced its plan to accept bitcoin for products and services at eight select locations. Birks Group and its retail stores will accept cryptocurrencies through a partnership with Bitpay. The collaboration marks the first major implementation of Bitpay’s point-of-sale ... read more
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  • Investor: China Has a “Love-Hate” Relationship with Crypto and Blockchain
    It’s no secret that China has a long and complicated history with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, at times showing their love and hopefulness for the latter, while frequently taking actions to prohibit the use of the former. While speaking at East Tech West, Edith Yeung, the head of 500 Startup’s China unit, ... read more